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What is the Womp & After Effects Course about?

Have you ever dreamed of doing everything in After Effects, from frame-
by-frame animation to creating incredible 3D animations that look like they were made in actual 3D software? With the newest update, enhancing your 3D animation skills in AE is now a reality.

In exclusive collaboration with the Womp team, we’ve crafted a unique approach that lets you create the most astonishing animations inside
After Effects. We’ve developed our own plugins, which will be provided absolutely free and with lifetime access, to elevate your animation to the highest level.

Inspired by the renowned artist h_tabasi, you will train on his animations, discovering new dimensions and possibilities that After Effects can offer today. From 3D animation sequences to crafting 3D limbs that aid in rigging 3D characters inside AE, you’re in for a transformative learning experience.









Required Software

Womp, After Effects



What you will get?

To get a better idea of what you’ll be learning, we’ve created an
informative video that provides an overview of the course’s highlights

Freshest Approach

Discover the MDS team’s latest strategy to significantly enhance your animation skills. This innovative approach combines advanced techniques with cutting-edge technology, pushing the boundaries of creativity and enabling you to bring complex visual stories to life with ease.

Pro 3D in AE

Experience professional-level 3D animation in After Effects through our collaboration with Womp and exclusive, free plugins. These tools allow for high-quality animations that rival specialized software, elevating your projects to new levels of sophistication and appeal.

Free Access

Enjoy lifetime access to our innovative plugins: Motion Tools Pro, Crazy Shapes, and Super 3D and three months of free access to Womp Pro. This special offer equips you with cutting-edge tools and resources, empowering you to explore and expand your creative potential.


What will I learn in the Womp & AE Course?


Womp Modeling Basics

In this lesson, you’ll learn to master 3D modeling with Womp 3D, an intuitive platform ideal for all skill levels. By the end, you’ll confidently create and share your own 3D designs with ease.


Environment & Lookdev

We’ll navigate through the intricacies of crafting engaging 3D environments and refining their appearance for realism or stylization. You’ll gain proficiency in scenery design, texturing, and lighting, ready to enhance any scene’s mood
and aesthetic.


Preparing for Animation

In this collaborative lesson featuring renowned frame-by-frame artist h_tabasi, we’ll uncover the distinctive approach that can breathe fresh life into your animations.


Import From Womp to AE

In this lesson, we will explore our custom-built plugin that enables you to integrate Womp designs into After Effects for animation. The Super 3D plugin will be provided for free with lifetime access.


AE 3D Animation Basics

In this engaging lesson, we’re going to dive deep into the exciting world of animation, combining the classic art of frame-by-frame techniques with modern digital animation tools. Our focus will be on creating mind-blowing 3D characters that stand out for their unique charm and dynamic expressions.


AE 3D Limbs

Now it’s time to have some real fun with something that previously wasn’t possible. With the help of the Crazy Shapes plugin, you’ll have the opportunity to easily create a modern 3D animation style within After Effects.


AE Compositing & Optimization

This segment stands as the pinnacle of our course, offering you the unparalleled ability to craft realistic 3D limbs within the familiar workspace of After Effects. This groundbreaking approach is a game-changer, all thanks to the latest AE update, which has introduced capabilities that were once thought to be out of reach for traditional 2D animators.


AE 3D Stretches and Delays

You might be aware that After Effects was originally designed for compositing. With the latest 3D update and the ability to build 3D scenes in After Effects, we now have the most straightforward approach to compositing, which is more intuitive than in other 3D software.

+ Bonus Three Tools

Pick Your Free Exclusive Extensions

Gain exclusive lifetime free access to the indispensable After Effects tools and elevate your animations to new heights. 😎 Introducing Motion Tools Pro. We’ve completely reimagined its functionality, allowing for greater customization, an array of fresh tools, and expanded possibilities.

Brace yourself for the game-changing Crazy Shapes Extension, which will revolutionize your rigging and animation process. This innovative approach to shape animation employs custom shape modifiers not found in the native After Effects repertoire.

Super 3D will prepare you to witness a groundbreaking shift in your workflow, forever altering the way you approach 3D animation.

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Max Kravchenko

Working in Motion Design School since it was founded and have ten years of experience in 2D and 3D animation. Created more than hundreds of tips and tricks #motiontricks in Motion Design School’s Instagram account

In this course, I will take you on a mind-blowing journey as we unlock your creative potential through animation mastery.

Denys Bondartsov

Motion design generalist and developer. I have experience working in Cinema 4D, Blender, Houdini, but I am keen on After Effects and creating new apps.

The creator behind courses like Motion Pro, Expressions Trip, and UI Animation Essentials, passionate about automating processes and pushing software boundaries, has developed Crazy Shapes and Super3D.

Experienced Instructors

Comprehensive Curriculum

Accessible Learning

The easiest way to upgrade your portfolio

Flexible Scheduling

Womp & After Effects

Dive into the freshest approach to motion design with us, where we’ll explore groundbreaking techniques that simply weren’t possible until now. Imagine blending the charm of 2D, the fluidity of frame-by-frame, and the depth of 3D animation all within After Effects.


You’ve already got extensive experience, and you want to jump to the final level and become a senior motion designer.






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If unhappy with the course, you can request a refund within 14 days after the purchase and get every cent back. Courses purchased before the actual starting date refund can be requested up to 14 days after the first lesson becomes available. Note: not applicable if purchased with a discount coupon

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