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frame by frame animation course
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What is this Frame by Frame Animation course about?

This course will teach you the entire process of cel animation, but way more than a software tutorial or a specific technique, you will learn the actual skills and principles that make any kind of animation look good.

We will start by understanding the fundamentals of drawing, what makes
a good pose and how to show a character’s emotions through facial expressions. You will dive into the principles of animation and learn the key to creating convincing movement. Finally, we’ll get to those dynamic shots with awesome camera moves. All the classes are filled with practical exercises so you can absorb and apply the things you’ve learned.

By the end of this, you will be able to create your own cel-animated shot from start to finish and learn extremely important concepts that will take your animation skills to a whole new level.


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Required Software

ToonBoom Harmony or similar (Adobe Animate, TV Paint, Procreate, Photoshop)



Complete Workflow

You will learn every stage in the cel animation process, from the first scribbles, rough animation and tie-down, to the final colored shot, going through every step of the way. By the end of this you will be able to create your own cel-animated shot from scratch.

Learn how to Draw

We will deeply cover the fundamentals of drawing and teach you a killer process that will give you a great start in cel animation even if you don’t know how to draw.

Dope Animation Skills

This course will take you beyond the classic animation fundamentals – all the way to crazy action shots with camera moves and all. Every class section has practice exercises to help you actually absorb and apply the concepts you’ve learned.


What will I learn?


Drawing Fundamentals and Posing

In the first lesson, you will learn how to think when you draw, using a process that makes sure your character poses have life and volume.
– Part 1: Structure
– Part 2: Gesture and Posing
– Part 3: Drawing Characters


The Face and the Expressions

We’ll go over the basic construction of the head, and understand how to draw relatable characters through strong facial expressions.
– Part 1: Basic Anatomy of the Face
– Part 2: Basic Knowledge of Expressions
– Part 3: Specific Combinations


The Animation Principles

Here you’ll understand and apply the 12 principles of animation developed by the great masters of the craft, as well as get into other very useful tips and tricks.
– Part 1: Solid Drawing, Timing, Easing and Squash & Stretch
– Part 2: Arcs and Follow-through
– Part 3: Anticipation, Secondary Action, and other principles


Breakdowns and Animating a Simple Shot

In this class, we will deeply cover breakdowns, the key to understanding and controlling movement. We will also apply that knowledge – creating a whole new shot from scratch.
– Part 1: Breakdowns
– Part 2: Animating a Simple Shot (Rough, Tie-Down, and Inbetweens)
– Part 3: Animating a Simple Shot (Clean & Color)


Dynamic Shots and Camera Moves

You are finally ready for some more advanced stuff, and here we will cover dynamic timing for action shots, as well as some very important concepts on camera moves.
– Part 1: Camera Moves
– Part 2: Dynamic Timing


Animating a Complex Shot: Planning and Roughing

From this class on, you will closely follow the process of animating a complex action shot. In this class, we will go from coming up with the idea, to planning and refining it to the point where it’s ready to tie down.


Animating a Complex Shot: Tie down and inbetweens

Continuing the process, we will work our way through making actual drawings on model from our roughs, and adding good inbetweens that don’t spoil our timing, but actually enhance it.


Animating a Complex Shot: Clean & Color

Finally, we will clean and color our shot using specific techniques that make the process a whole more efficient. By the end of this, you should be able to create your own hand-drawn animated shot from scratch.

About the Author

About the Author

Hey, I’m Elias Velho! 🤠

I’m a cel animator and motion designer from Brazil.
After many years of experience as an animator for TV series
and feature film, I fell in love with the motion design industry, and for the past few years I’ve been working with a bunch of cool studios around the world as a cel animation specialist.

I’m currently animation director at Remade Studio.
In this course, I’ll guide you through your first steps
to becoming a Frame by Frame Ninja.

What is this frame by frame ninja course about?

Learn the skills of frame by frame animation

Overcome your fear of drawing

Discover a universal approach that works with any 2D application

Learn techniques that can be applied to any animation style

Get into the process of creating complex action shots

Frame by Frame Ninja Course

Learn the hardcore way of animating, one drawing at a time– and master the skills necessary to be a frame-by-frame Ninja.


A course that is suitable for all levels starting with a beginner for a professional.

Beginner – Pro





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