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What is this course about?

Blender becoming one of the most popular software because it includes
all features to make your user experience more powerful and intuitive.
It’s rendering, modeling, sculpting, animation, rigging, VFX, simulation, video editing, and even frame by frame with Grease pencil. Everything
is included in one place and you don’t need to switch between software
every time. And Blender software is completely free! Can you believe that?

The course will explain all features by recreating the brutal horse masterpiece. Learn how to combine techniques together to get the best workflow you ever had. The structured program will help you to learn step by step until you will get the final result. Let’s do everything in one place and become a Blender generalist!









Required Software

Blender, Substance Painter



Complete Blender pipeline

This course covers the entire classical production pipeline. You will understand how to approach any 3D animation project and organize the workflow from simple modeling
to render a complete animated scene.

Practice on Real task

Practice is the key to learning. And learning should be fun as well. We’ve combined both options to make your learning experience as fun as a game. Recreate the brutal horse
and learn must-have software features.

Real experience tricks

This course contains an enormous number
of tips and tricks based on real-world experience. We will discuss how to deal with common problems that everybody faces in real
projects and deeply understand their causes.


What will I learn?


The first stage of modeling

Useful addons. Creating a basic shape based on primitives.
Work with auto retopology. Sculpt mode in Blender.


The second stage of modeling

Creating strap and tail geometry. Glasses and mouth geometry.
Retopology, UV unwrapping.


Muscles and Anatomy

Sculpt layers. Division of muscles and veins into separate channels.
Baking displacement.



Substance painter. Creating texture maps. Shader settings for rendering in cycles.


Hair, Tail

Basics of grooming, creating a mane shader. Shader setting.



Horse body grooming, Working with masks. Fur shader setting.


Posing for presentation.
Making bones.

Creating the simplest rig for ease of manipulation. Coloring scales, Posing in a heroic pose. Simple animation of hoof hitting the floor.



Render setting, Set up the light. Final scene render. Render compose.

About the Author

About the Author

Hi. My name is Ihor!

I’m from Ukraine and I am a professional 3D artist. I have been doing computer graphics for over 15 years. Having received
a degree in architecture, I was still keen on games and movies and wanted to create graphics for the coolest projects in
the world.

During my career, I have learned a lot and taken part in amazing projects, created graphics for cinematics and movies, and worked in some of the most powerful VFX studios such as
UPP and MPC. And now I want to share my knowledge
and experience with you!

Blender Animation Course

Covers the entire 3D production pipeline

A universal classical approach that works with any 3D application

Based on a professional animation masterpiece

Tips and tricks based on real experience

Advanced techniques

Blender Workout

Pump your skills in Blender by recreating the brutal horse starting from modeling and finishing with the final render and become a generalist artist.


You’ve already got extensive experience, and you want to jump to the final level and become a real 3d Blender Generalist.






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