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Walking Dyno made with AE Expressions
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What is this After Effects Expressions course about?

This course will teach you to understand and to write your own expressions. You’ll get so much more than just theory. It will be a real practice with unique and complex illustrations. You’ll finally get rid of tons of useless keyframes and get your work automized. We’ll show you how to work with many functions and teach you so many cool and unique techniques that will save your precious time.









Required Software

Adobe After Effects




What will I learn in AE Expressions Course?


Expressions Basics

Parenting, Wiggle, time, value, noise. You’ll learn the expression basics here. You’ll get to know how they work and what they are. We’ll talk about parentings, arrays, time, value, noise, loop wiggle and will make it easy and accessible to learn about them in your very first lesson.


Sliders, Random, Posterize Time

Learn how to make your own sliders and polish your skills completing everyday tasks. We’ll scatter stars all over the night sky in just two clicks and we’ll learn how to control them at the same time.

AE Expressions Basics


Loops, Index, Value At Time

You will learn loop variations and get to practice with them. We’ll go deeper into expressions. You’ll learn how to parent layers and create generative clouds.



In this lesson, we’ll see how if/else work and we’ll use them to add some variativity to our elements. You’ll learn more about Math functions and add more flexibility while using fewer keyframes.


Linear, Shape Builder, Whale

Learn how to use the most powerful expressions that can free you from the keyframe slavery. Create a dynamic graphic constructor. We’ll create a loop while using no keyframes at all!


Expression Controls. Color Schemes. Pseudo Effects.

Learn how to easily change color schemes in your projects and create your own pseudo effects. Save a lot of time on your projects using them


Parallax, Advanced Bend

We will begin working with advanced techniques. We’ll start with a flexible parallax and will breathe life In our city.


Working with Path

Path animation, Crab dance. Learn how to work with path and how to use it.


Fire Generator

We’ll create a flexible stylized fire generator.


Walking Godzilla, City Constructor

Learn how to animate Godzilla and make it walk just by moving its position. Create a destroyed city using one slider.


Extend Script Part One

The basis that will help you understand what the scripts are, how they differ from the expressions and which advantages they provide. You will create a simple script that will help you in the animation.


Extend Script Part Two

In this lesson, you will make a script that will automatically add Bend It to all selected layers and add a controller with which you can smoothly change parameters of all effects simultaneously.

Meet Your Tutors

Iaroslav Kononov

I’m the founder of Motion Design School. I started in Motion Graphics at times when this area wasn’t even named this way.

15 years of experience in After Effects. In this course, I’ll make sure to give you all the secrets and techniques!

Denys Bondartsov

Motion design generalist. He has experience working in Cinema 4D, Maya, Houdini, but he’s keen on After Effects.

Also, he has developed several scripts and a whole course on expressions. He knows everything about After Effects and can answer any topic-related questions.

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What do our students say?

You will study from animators and Motion Designers from around the globe. Each of them is a professional in their own field, seasoned in production studios, freelance projects with big brands and stock footages. And right, we are also sweet.

After Effects Expressions Course

Use expressions to become super productive in After Effects.

Automate your projects to the max and speed up your workflow by 5 times.

Get to know expressions and scripts and learn how to create your own.

A thoroughly designed course program for motion designers of any skill level.

Get professional experience with complex and unique projects.

Over a hundred different expressions will make your impossible ideas a reality.

You never get an extra hour in a day, but you’ll definitely save a few hours to sleep!

Expressions trip – AE Course

Expressions help you to save time and focus on animation and not on hundreds of routine actions. Learn how to create whole rig systems in After Effects to achieve maximum efficiency!


You already have some experience working with the software and understand its basic principles. You are familiar with the interface.






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