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Crazy Shapes - After Effects Script

About this After Effects script

We prepared a set of tools to process Path. They help to make squash and stretch, wavy animation, secondary actions, and more. Rig tools help to connect prepared illustrations, which cannot be achieved with other classic tools.

The scripts use two types of animation. Looped animations work without any keys and are created directly inside the path. So with a few sliders, you can change full animation. Half-automated animations add secondary actions to your prepared illustrations. These features will speed up your workflow and extend possibilities.

To the basic tools, there are some supporting tools:

  • Reset position, rotation, and scale inside the shape layer, including the path space coordinates.
  • Link Nulls with Path points in 5 ways.
  • Convert all parametric shapes to the path or all expressions to keyframes with one button.
  • Disable the visibility of unnecessary inner groups of shapes.

Custom limbs

Don’t limit your illustrations. Expressions will adjust to your tasks.

Add extra details

Our tools add animation to illustration that is hardly achieved with standard tools. Without any effects and extra layers.

Secondary Actions

Add more details faster, just in one click, depending on the prepared main motion.

Path Stretch

Stretch your path like never before. You can use any shape illustration and control the stretch style with additional controllers.


All animations in our scripts work on expressions, so you can easily convert them to keys and use them as web or app animations.

How it works

We prepared two options. Take a look at the video tutorial and get familiar with the possibilities and features it can provide. Also, we provide widely described docs in Notion. All information is organized and illustrated with videos and gifs. Get Fun!
Crazy Shapes After Effects Extension

Crazy Shapes

With Crazy Shapes, you can expand the possibilities of Path work in After Effects. Make rigs, add cool animations in a few clicks, and use extra tools to make your work easy and fun.
Product guarantee
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