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Dancing people in Frame-by-Frame Visionary Course
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What is this animation course about?

This course is for the ones who think that the frame-by-frame animation process is hard to learn and too complicated to understand. By the end
of this masterclass, you will have this monster easily tamed at the palm
of your hand.

We will start with a quick Adobe Animate overview, covering the most useful tools to create good stories by making killing poses and remarkable silhouettes. As we dig into the frame-by-frame animation principles and also a bit of animation history, you will be able to bring your favorite characters to life.

By the end of this, you will have the expertise to bring your work to
the next level, and, at the final step, we will learn how to clean it up
and export it into many different formats.









Required Software

Adobe Animate or similar (ToonBoom, TV Paint, Procreate, Photoshop)



Learn Adobe Animate fundamentals

You will learn the most useful tools of Adobe Animate, one of the largest used animation software in the industry, to create
good and professional looking
frame-by-frame animation.

Character animation
from scratch

This course covers the most used traditional animation principles to create expressive and visually interesting character animation.
From drawing killing poses to animating
the classical bouncing ball, you will
learn the first steps to become
a professional cel animator.

Workflow tricks
and hacks

In this course, I will teach you many hacks and tricks I’ve learned throughout my career
to speed up your workflow and help to make the animation process more enjoyable and fun.


What will I learn?


Getting ready!

It’s time to get ready! You will have a quick overview of Adobe Animate tools
and then learn the first steps of the frame-by-frame animation process.


Telling the story

Animating is not only about making things moving but creating relatable and captivating stories. You will learn how to use references to make killing poses
and remarkable silhouettes.


Making it expressive

Our favorite characters are always full of emotions, right? In this part, you
will learn how to master this concept by using exaggeration, squash & stretch, overshoot, and anticipation.


Refining the action

In this lesson, I will create some follow-through and overlapping to make
the animation appealing and you will learn how to use smears, multiples,
and action lines.


Animating effects

Let’s set fire to these keyframes and animate some FX! In this tutorial, you will learn the basics to animate flames, liquid, and smoke FX.


Workflow hacks

Even the best animators need to hit deadlines, right? In this lesson, I will demonstrate all sorts of different techniques to make the animation
process faster and much more enjoyable.


Animating a GIF part 1

In this demonstration, I will animate a character from scratch, using
the techniques you learned throughout this masterclass.


Animating a GIF part 2

In this second part of the demonstration, you will learn how to clean an animation up, using different techniques, from line work to color theory.


Exporting an animation

It is time to wrap your animation up! In this final lesson, you will learn how
to render it and post your animation on social media or portfolio.


Animating a complex scene from scratch

In this live lesson, I will animate a complex shot from scratch. You will learn how
to tackle many characters at once and use perspective to level the animation up!

About the Author

About the Author

Hi, I’m André Dias!

I’m a Brazilian cel animator who works remotely for studios around the world. I started my career as a motion designer,
but after a while, I decided to pursue the dream of working
as a frame-by-frame animator and, since then, I have been working with a bunch of talented folks from many different studios.

Throughout the years, I had the opportunity to make
a bit of everything, from many commercial works for all sorts
of brands, Nickelodeon’s and Netflix’s TV Shows to animated sticker packages for Steam.

As I was pretty much self-taught, learning traditional animation wasn’t particularly easy. In this course, I’ll present to you the first steps to start your frame-by-frame animation journey.

What is this frame by frame animation course about?

Covers the entire 2D animation pipeline

A universal classical approach

Based on a professional animation project

Tips and tricks based on real experience

Visionary Course

Learn the craft of bringing characters to life throughthe workflow and techniques of frame-by-frame animation!


You already have some experience working with the software and understand its basic principles. You are familiar with the interface.






Product guarantee
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