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Refund Policy

Hey, our refund policy is simple and straightforward.

You can request a full purchase refund for whatever reason within 14 days from the purchase date. If you submit your request on the 15 th day, we will not be able to process it.

Course/Masterclass/Script is not subject to refund if:

  • It was purchased on sale
  • It was purchased with any type of discount coupon
  • It was purchased on full price and then went on sale (we will not be able to even refund you the difference).

Submit your refund request via email at [email protected] providing the
following details:

  • The name you are registered with on Motion Design School website
  • The email you are registered with on Motion Design School website
  • The name of the course/masterclass/script you would like to get refund for
  • Purchase date
  • The reason for the refund (it will help us to improve)

We will check the details of your purchase and if you are eligible for the refund based on the conditions listed above, we will process it immediately.

Refund method is usually the original payment method; however, we reserve the right to pay out your funds through an alternative method if deemed necessary.

Please note: when your refund is approved, you immediately lose access to all the course assets including your homework.

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