Motion Beast

No bullshit course on animation and motion design in After Effects.

We've packed 10 years of experience in a hardcore three-month course where you will follow the shortest path from boring animation to full-scale smooth client projects for your portfolio.

The course will help you overcome AE-related barriers and fears which are standing between you and the wonderful world of animation and motion design

After Effects is hard to grasp
Confusing tools that don't behave the way they should. All those new hotkeys, a brush that will not draw, let alone pixel perfect animation.

While working on wonderful animations we will go through all AE tools and panels step by step. All that to make sure you know what each hotkey stands for and how to finally make this damn brush draw
Learning on Youtube is tedious
There are tons of youtube tutorials teaching to make one or another effect. But it's far from certain that it will become the best solution for your problem. There is not much use in such learning and it's hardly structured.

We've developed a structured course that will make you certain of what tools to use for each case in your projects.
Animations aren't smooth enough
You've tried to recreate other artists' work, but your animation still looks laggy and far from smooth? Usually, that's the theory behind the animation that is missing.

On this course, we pay special attention to Disney's animation movement principles that can bring you closer to that desired smoothness.
Projects are too complex
You've just finished a huge project but you have a hard time with any request for subtle changes? It's hard to work on a project that doesn't have a system in it.

Starting from the first day we will steadily increase complexity and bring a systematic approach to both small and big projects.
Scripts & expressions are terrifying
AE is complicated enough, and there are also scripts and expressions. Making an animation manually takes loads of time. Instead, you can learn a few lines of code, create a few variables and your progress will skyrocket!

You will not only learn how to make expressions, but you will also get some top-notch lifesaving scripts developed by us to help you.
It's too time consuming
Maybe you just avoid animations because you feel like you will waste a lot of time without learning much? Or you tried learning animation and realized that creating something worthwhile will take weeks or even months?

In Motion Beast course you will see your progress right at the very first classes, which will save you loads of time when working on your future projects.

Is this course for me?

We created this course with motion designers and illustrators on our mind, but we've received positive feedback from a very broad audience. If you feel the desire to make smooth animations — we are here for you.

Beginners and advanced motion designers
If you are only starting your journey or you are already in the industry and looking for a solid bullshit-free theoretical foundation and up-to-date practice — you are in the right place.
Illustrators and people of art
Looking for ways to make your art look more alive? Tired of static images? Imagine what you can achieve if you learn how to animate your illustrations.
Graphic and User Interface designers
We will give you the foundation that will help you animate any interface or branded graphics. No more templates and boring motionless projects!
Videographers and video industry specialists
Although we do not focus on video production, montage or compositing, we give a solid foundation for motion design. With it you can add stylish transitions, captions, text animations and other useful tricks.
Marketing experts and social media managers
Video is the cornerstone of marketing. Tired of waiting for designers to create a simple square video with flying text for Facebook? You will be surprised how easily you can make one on your own.
Bloggers, entrepreneurs and self-development enthusiasts
Whether you run your online business, host webinars or just search for your future profession, having knowledge of how to make whatever you do attractive is a must-have.

Do you have a free course?

Yes, we do! And it should be just enough for you to get comfortable with After Effects and to be able to animate your art. Below is an example of what you will achieve:

It's a Free Fundamentals Course on After Effects

You will gain understanding of AE's most important functions, windows and controls while bringing life to this beautiful campfire illustration. The free module will prepare you for the rest of the course and will be just enough if you want to animate your own art.

What will I learn in a full Motion Beast course?

If you want to dive deep in motion design, we have a hardcore Motion Beast course that will get you from After Effects basics to character rigging and frame by frame animation. And we are constantly improving our curriculum with each new feedback from our students to make it even better and broader.
Back to all lectures
Back to all lectures

What will I be capable of after the Motion Beast course?

Take a look at the students' projects that were made during the course and see for yourself :)

Want to animate like them or even better?

Enroll in our Motion Beast course today and in three month you will be able to make animations as cool as our students :)

Who created the course?

Motion Design School is a world-known motion design studio based in Ukraine. Our projects are featured on most of the creative websites around the globe.

Meet your tutors

You will study from animators and Motion Designers from around the globe. Each of them is a professional in their own field, seasoned in production studios, freelance projects with big brands and stock footages. And right, we are also sweet.
Yaroslav Kononov
School founder
The author of the first Motion Beast course, CEO of Yaroflasher studio. More than 10 years of experience in motion design and animation.
Julia Kvashina
School Manager
The main person in the school. Solves all students' questions and knows everything. Julia is also known for creating After Effects scripts and plugins.
Ihor Karas
Course Lecturer
Cool animator and teacher. The voice of the course. We call him Reference-Man since he always acts and records himself before making character animations.
Vladimir Liubarsky
Course Lecturer
Experienced graphic designer, who smoothly transferred to the animation field. Seasoned in battles with clients. He can tell a lot about the workflow, ideas generation and many other tricks of the trade.
Nastia Steshkina
Course support
Motion Designer with a graphic design background. She was one of the first students on our course and will help you go through tough times as she has been there. She knows what it's like.
Maks Marakhovsky
Course support
Experienced Motion Designer that was one of the best students of our first course. He will be there for you to support you down the road.
In 2016 we launched our Motion Design School in Ukraine. Today our school is opened in 4 cities across the country. With the help of our students, we polished the course, created a huge offline community and brought more than 300 highly qualified motion design specialists to the market.

We've created 4 bestselling AE plugins that are used by more than 3000 people worldwide

You will get all of them for free for three months once enrolled for Motion Beast.
Here are some companies that use our plugins

What are the course benefits?

Our goal is to make your journey to motion design as comfortable as possible so we prepared some cool features
Free updates
Once you finish the Motion Beast course, you will continue receiving new tutorials and updates. Isn't that awesome?
Study wherever you go
Even though we recommend using a desktop computer or a laptop, you can study on any device. But you will still need a laptop or a desktop computer for practice.
One of a kind support
We have a whole crew of professional motion designers here to support you on the way to becoming a motion design beast. It may not be a 24/7 support, but it's still real help.
You will be invited to the members only private community of motion designers from around the world on Facebook. It's a whole bunch of people that you will have a lot in common with.
100% money back guarantee
If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back within 14 days after the purchase. Only applies to the single full-price purchase of the course.
Student and location discounts
Not-so-good exchange rate? (i.e. India). Get in touch to get a coupon. Student? Email us from your student email or attach your student ID.
What do our students say?
Anna Loco
UI Designer, Ukraine
There is always a chance that you will get nothing new from an online course... High-quality video lessons, additional and relevant materials, consultations, hardcore home tasks – you can find all of that here. You will gain a lot! I highly recommend it.
Valery Sergeev
Graphic Designer, Ukraine
A clear, structured presentation of the material, almost personal approach to each student, all of my questions being answered. A lot of cool, useful and new information is delivered in an accessible and positive form. Loved it!
Zhunusbek Shyngyskhan
CGI, Kazakhstan
There was nothing redundant. Free plugins are just what you need to speed up your work process . I received competent support. The homework made me think a lot. It's great for the whole body, it's juicy, fresh and bright. There is a growth vitamin hidden in it. Enroll, you will not regret.
Antonia Dkm
Motion Designer, Greece
Great course! It improved my skills and made my workflow a lot easier and faster! The tutors were very helpful and responsive at all times with great feedback. Very highly recommended!
Jana Iana
Illustrator, Germany
I've tried studying on several online-courses for last 3 years. Motion Beast is the most organized and interesting, but is not that simple in the same time. You should be prepared for the intensive course with some home work. I was a totally beginner before ... but now i feel more confident.
Aleksandra Tarasova
Motion Designer, Ukraine
I thought I knew a lot and had doubts whether to sign up or not. It turned out to be more than worth it. Motion Design school was worth every penny I'd spent on it! :)
Julia Moshenska
Graphic Designer, Ukraine
During these few months I found out much more than I could if I was doing it on my own. Special thanks for answering all my questions and the support that you have given to me.
Maria Reznichenko
It was magnificent. All my family is tired of me talking about the course. I can't even specify what I liked the most. Everything was perfect! :)
Anna Kholod
Designer, Ukraine
This is the best course where you will reach an absolutely new level! The course is taught by professionals with a mission, so you will not see any copy of a random Youtube tutorial here.
Igor Matlay
Art-director, Ukraine
I had a great skills boost, in a reasonably short period of time. The training program is excellent, all the knowledge fell right into its place in my head. And if something is not clear, the guys are always in touch and ready to help.
Maryam Mayram
Graphic Designer
One of the best courses out there. In such a short time you will be able to create something you did not even imagine possible. I loved it!
Tatyana Kirichenko
I just fell in love with what these guys showed on Behance and couldn't resist learning from them. It's such a nice feeling to receive comments on your home-task from them.

How much is the fish?

You can start with a completely free Fundamentals course on After Effects to create your first beautiful animation and then join the Motion Beast course to unleash your inner motion beast.


We are giving away a 100% FREE structured course about After Effects fundamentals to raise your confidence and prepare you to become a motion beast. 6 lessons are enough to make you comfortable with AE and help you animate your own artwork.
6 video lessons (2.5 hours in total);
Our own studio plugin — Motion Tools;

Motion Beast

Get a full access to our constantly updating motion beast course with 25+ tutorials and dozens of additional supporting videos to thoroughly cover every aspect of modern motion design & animation.
20+ fully explained lessons with home tasks and a live support;
4 plugins with $150 value for FREE for three months;
Access to all course updates in future;
Extensive explanations of home tasks;
Community membership;
An opportunity to become part of students' works collection and showcase your final project to top animation studios;
only email required
Or you can Enroll with three payments by $125
English Language
Русский язык
English Language
100% money back guarantee
If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back within 14 days after the purchase. Only applies to the single full-price purchase of the course.
Student and location discounts
Not-so-good exchange rate? (i.e. India). Get in touch for a discount coupon. Student? Email us from your student email or attach your student ID.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find After Effects?
You can find After Effects here: It will be enough to work with the trial for some time, but we highly recommend buying a license.
What system requirements are needed for After Effects to run smoothly?
  • Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Phenom® II processor; 64-bit support required
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. See the CS6 FAQ for more information about Windows 8 support.*
  • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 3 GB of available hard-disk space; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)

  • Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support
  • macOS v10.6.8 or higher
  • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 4 GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system or on removable flash storage devices)
Will this course work for me if I know nothing about After Effects?
Yes, the course is built for complete beginners. We have created a free Fundamentals course for you to understand the basics. If you can follow through that, you will be more than fine to follow through the whole course.
Can I pay for the course partially?
Yes, we provide an opportunity to pay in three separate payments $125 each.
Are there any discounts?
We do have a students and locational discounts. Not-so-good exchange rate? (i.e. India). Get in touch for a discount coupon. Student? Email us from your student email or attach your student ID.
Can I issue a refund?
If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back within 14 days after the purchase. It is only applies to the single full-price purchase of the course. So if you would like to use a discount coupon, or any monthly payment plan, keep in mind that you will be not eligible for the refund.
Can I share the art that I create during the course?
Yes, all the artwork that you create on the course belongs to you. You can share and tweet and dribbble whatever animation you create. We would be grateful if you mention our school while sharing, we have @motiondesignschool accounts almost on every network.
Will I get enough knowledge to land a job?
We have students who successfully landed on a position of Junior/Middle Motion designer. If you have a UI/UX background and you plan to animate your interfaces, you can also get a raise and charge more for your work. Most of our students become freelance motion designers and make a living from that. It's up to you how hard you practice and how much time you spend on gaining new skills.
How long does it take to successfully finish the course?
It usually takes at least 8 hours per week for three months for a student to get to the final stage. We do recommend to spend as much time as possible since you are gaining new skills here, it's never an easy journey.
Will this course fit me if I have some skills in After Effects?
Yes, the course works well for people who have skills in After Effects too. We will give a great foundation and structure to complete to your knowledge. And just to make your journey more fun almost all of our lessons have tasks with additional difficulty for advanced students..
Will I have access to the course materials after I finish the course?
Yes, all the lectures, videos, and lessons will stay with you forever. Moreover, if you choose to finish the Motion Beast course, you will have access to all future lessons that will be published. It's like you will have access to lifelong learning of Motion Design just with one payment. As for our plugins, you will have free access during the three-month period with a possibility to prolong the ownership after you finish the course.
Will we learn Cinema 4D (or any other 3D software)?
Not for now. We did our best to concentrate on After Effects, and 2D motion design not to make the course too tedious and bulky. We do cover how to imitate 3D effect though.
What is the minimum knowledge needed to succeed in the course?
We highly recommend having at least a beginner overview of other Adobe products like Photoshop or Illustrator but we do not require that. The most important thing is to have a desire to study and faith in yourself. Lack of motivation is the only thing that can drag you away from successfully finishing the course.
We would love to talk
We would happily answer you question via social networks or email. You can also visit our social pages to learn more about us and what we do.
Contact us here:

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