Cinema 4D Infinite 3D Loops

by Oscar Pettersson

© Cinema 4D Infinite 3D Loops by Oscar Pettersson

Learn how to do infinite 3D loops inside Cinema 4D. Infinite 3D loops have gained a lot of attention both on Instagram and from clients all around the world. With structure, accuracy, and discipline Oscar will teach you to loop everything.

Student requirements:

Comfortable navigating in cinema 4D. You have modeled, animated, textured and rendered a few projects. Lightning, Texturing, Render will be native but will use a universal language so everyone can use their render of choice.  

Software used in Masterclass:

Cinema 4D After Effects

Masterclass duration:

3 hours


Cinema 4D Infinite 3D Loops

Presale is opened for the masterclass starting at 15th of April

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Masterclass Curriculum


Basic principles
In this first lesson, we go through some of the basic principles for looping. Some math (radius, sin, and cos), keyframing and the importance of even numbers. This will help you understand the fundamentals so you can come up with your own infinite loops when you are done with this masterclass.


Rigging / Animation X 2 loops
Here we will start building our loop with simple shapes and start tweaking our animation. We will use a lot of Align to Spline and polish our animation with Timetrack. We rig the camera to loop and we will start to see our animation come to life.


Design / Render X 2 loops
Now we will make it look good! We will go through some techniques to get all the textures seamless throughout our loop. For the light we will use some different tricks to make it look the same at the first and last frame. Before we press render we choose the perfect camera angle and make sure everything is perfectly loopable. Last but not least we add some object mask that we will use later on in After Effects.


Compositing (universal, only comping one loop)
When we have rendered our loop we will jump into After Effects and use all our object masks to do some compositing, color correction, add some grain etc. Then we will go through the perfect setting to make it look good on Instagram.

Masterclass Tutor

Oscar Petterson

3D motion designer

My name is Oscar and I love to solve interesting problems.

My artistic journey started with photography and film in my younger years. In my mid-20s I fell in love with 2d animation and that path finally led me to 3D animation. At the moment I feel that 3D animation is the medium where I fully can express my creative potential.

As a former team leader, co-founder and managing director, I’ve learned how to manage projects to satisfy both the client and my co-workers. Since I have a wide range of experience, both as an employee and partner, I’ve been a part of all the stages in the workflow, everything from conceptualizing, pitching, budgeting and producing.

With roughly 6 years of experience in the motion industry, I recently discovered why I love it so much. Solving complex problems. So when clients don’t give me something to solve I create my own problems.


Cinema 4D Infinite 3D Loops

Presale is opened for the masterclass starting at 15th of April

Sold out