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3d simulation in cinema 4d Course
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What is this course about?

What we love doing here at Yeti is exploring new visual languages. Our favorite way of working is expressing our ideas via dynamic simulations. Cloth, fluids, smoke, everything can be art directed and work as a tool for design. We will set up projects so that they are animation-ready.We will dissect plugins like X-Particles, Turbulence FD and Realflow without ever leaving Cinema4D, along of course with the powerful native tools of our favorite software.Last but not least, we will discuss the importance of art directing your shots in such a way so that they are presentable to clients, along with a brief overview of Octane renderer’s features that are applicable in simulations.









Required Software

Cinema 4D, Octane Render



About the author

About the author

I’m Thanos Kagkalos, passionate motion artist, driven by curiosity and experimentation.

Online tutoring, while relatively new to me, is a great way to pass knowledge I have gained over the years from both client and personal projects. Thanos will be the sole presenter for this course. With solid experience of 15 years inside After Effects, 3ds Max and Vray (along with lots of other software and plugins), he will show you what is possible within your first few months of Cinema4D. Let’s do this!


What will I learn in 3D Simulations?


General Dynamics Principles

We will start by discussing the fundamentals of simulations and we will set up a few shots with performance and flexibility as our primary goals.


Rigid Bodies

Overview of Bullet engine in Cinema4D and forces exploration.


Soft Bodies

Optimization, problem-solving, design ideas with soft body simulations. My favorite tool inside Cinema4D cause of its multi-purpose uses.



X-Particles is the industry-standard plugin for Cinema4D users. Dust, cloth, smoke, liquids. All possibilities are open with X-Particles and we’re gonna work them in combination with other tools.


Voronoi Fracture

Where would we be without breaking some stuff up? We’ll be exploring possibilities with this simple procedural algorithm of Cinema 4D.


Grains and Liquids

Both solver types via X-Particles and Realflow plugin for Cinema4D. We’ll consider pros and cons of each method and some neat ways to use them for small scale simulations.



In other words, smoke and fire. Turbulence FD overview and X-Particles ExplosiaFX. We’ll focus on comparison, uses and workflows.



Hair is not only for 3D cute characters. Its tight integration with Cinema4D’s MoGraph can lead to amazing results.



Splines are really powerful when it comes to simulation and design orientation workflows. You’ll learn cool little tricks that can take your styleframes to the next level.


Octane Render

When it comes to simulating stuff, renderer’s have their own “gottchas”. Discover the tips for controlling chaos via colors and shaders.

Level up your Cinema 4D knowledge.

Expand your visual language.

Win client pitches.

Get solid knowledge of dynamic fundamentals.

Impress your Instagram followers 🙂

3D Simulations in Cinema 4D

A course dedicated to the workflow for small-scale VFX inside Cinema4D. We will address the majority of simulations from rigid bodies to liquids by exploring personal projects.


You already have some experience working with the software and understand its basic principles. You are familiar with the interface.






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