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Modern Screenwriter Course
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What is this course about?

Do you know the difference between Script Writing or Screenwriting? Direction or Art-Direction? How to be a great screenwriter? It’s not only about your creativity. It’s all about communication. Starting from communication with clients and ending up with creative teams. 

We will understand the principles based on a real video that we created especially for this course. How to create a unique script and think outside the box? How to manage projects depending on complexity and scale?
How to inspire people and involve them in your projects? In this course,
we will describe all topics that will help you to understand the process
of any project. It can be an advertisement, short film, or even a series. 

The course is not about a theory. It’s about practice and unique tasks that will train your creativity. Creativity, communication, and management is the key to becoming a modern screenwriter. As a final result, you will create your first script for the short film and maybe you will become
the next David Lynch 😎









Required Software

Miro, Figma



Complete Production Pipeline

This course covers the entire classical process of creation. You will understand how to approach any animation project starting
from “scamping” and ending with
the final presentation.

Creative Practical Tasks

Everybody is talking about a theory that
is boring. 
We’ve prepared something more interesting to train your brain and
unleash your creativity.


Real experience tricks

The course is based on real videos that were created for motion design school. Find out our tips and tricks and how to generate ideas quickly. Tell unique stories through your
videos and catch the attention of everyone!


What will I learn?


Native Creative

What does it mean to be creative?
There are hundreds of explanations.
But let’s create another meaning for ourselves.


Communication Oscillation

Communication is the key to success.
It’s all about asking the right questions.
Why? How? What?


Attention Extension

We will describe the types of perceptions and how to combine them right to influence the viewers and grab their attention more. How to create a visual personality for everyone.


Script Writing

What is the difference between a screenwriter and a scriptwriter?
Let’s find out!



In the film industry, we usually talk about real actors.
But animated movies are different and we deal with the characters and the artists who create them…



Storyboarding artists are the highest-paid artists in the industry.
Why? Because you are on the top of the creative pyramid. Learn how to make
the right vision.



Let’s do practice on a real task and find out how our videos were created.


Producing and Management

Learn how to manage creative teams.

About the Author

About the Author

Hi guys, nice to meet you! It’s Iaroslav Kononov.

I’m the founder of Motion Design School and I’m passionate about motion design and CG. But my real love is screenwriting and directing. Almost all scripts for the videos created on our platform were created by me. I like to make things unusual and funny to make you impressed.

I’m ready to give you my knowledge to boost your creativity
to a new level. Excited to showcase my secrets techniques
and let’s create something extraordinary together!

What is this modern screenwriter course about?

Covers the entire production pipeline

A universal classical approach

Based on a professional animation masterpiece

Tips and tricks based on real experience

Make your first short film

Modern Screenwriter

Learn the complete pipeline. Creativity, Scriptwriting, screenwriting, directing, storyboarding, producing, and managing creative teamsto make your projects stand out!


You’ve already started taking the first steps in the sphere and have a basic understanding of the work principles of this soft.






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