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Disney Character Sculpting
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What is this course about?

Ready to learn how to create Pixar-level characters? In this course,
you will master core character sculpting and modeling techniques
and workflows necessary to bring any concept to life.

Discover fundamentals of stylization, appeal, and what makes the design memorable. Learn how to apply anatomy knowledge, work with reference and improvise. Find out the secrets of an efficient and clean topology that works great for animation. Create detailed textures and beautiful hairstyles. Finally, make an eye-catching presentation!

Dive deep into Zbrush, Substance Painter, Blender
and Marvelous Designer.









Required Software

Zbrush, Substance Painter, Blender, Marvelous Designer



Pixar Character

Create a Pixar-level

We will cover the whole process of creating a production-ready character model from scratch. By the end of this course, you will be able to sculpt and texture a stylized character, create cloth simulation, beautiful hair, and lighting.

Discover new techniques
and workflows

This course offers different approaches to maximize your efficiency. We will explore ways to make your workflow faster and more enjoyable. Creating character is a lot of fun.

Improve your
modeling skills

You will discover interesting ways to stylize anatomy, learn how to avoid common mistakes, and make your character look great from any angle. The course covers the creation of a high-quality topology that works perfectly for animation, offers tips and tricks.


What will I learn?


Sketching in Zbrush

A good project starts with a good plan. We’ll begin by creating a 3d sketch
of the character, which includes blocking out the character, establishing
the proportions and the main elements, working on the silhouette.

Sketching in Zbrush


Polishing in Zbrush

Now that all the main elements are in place, let’s polish and finalize them.
We’ll talk more in-depth about anatomy, stylization, and appeal. You’ll
learn how to make your character unique and memorable.

polishing in zbrush


Creating a skirt in Marvelous designer

This lesson includes a quick introduction to Marvelous Designer and showcases the whole process of creating a pleated skirt, as well as tips and techniques
for efficient workflow.

Skirt in marvelous designer


Retopology in Blender

Quality topology is essential for animation. This lesson covers the whole retopology process of the body, clothes, and accessories. We’ll discuss the importance of the topology flow, common mistakes, and how to avoid them.

retopology in blender


UV unwrapping in Blender

We will cover all the basics necessary for efficient UV unwrapping. This includes working with UDIMs, straightening, cleanup, and organization of the UVs.


UV unwrapping in Blender


Polypaint in Zbrush

Let’s add some color! Polypainting in Zbrush is a quick and intuitive way to paint skin. We’ll talk about the organic approach to texturing and what makes the skin look alive.

Polypaint in Zbrush


Texturing in Substance painter

Now we will continue the texturing process in Substance Painter. This includes finalizing the skin, creating believable materials for the clothes and accessories. We’ll go over creating custom textures, applying stitching, wrinkles, adding fine details to the skin and clothes.

Texturing in Substance painter


Braid in Blender

Time to add some hair! We’ll start by modeling the braid, detailing it, and learning how to control its shape.

Braid in Blender



With the help of Fibermesh, we will create the rest of the hairstyle. Fibermesh allows for a quick and intuitive way to achieve a beautiful result. You’ll get familiar with different ways to comb and style hair, adding clumps and details.


Particle system

Now let’s finalize the hair and make it look real! We will convert the created guide curves into a particle system and play with different settings available in Blender to really make the hair look nice.


Shading and rendering

It’s time to put everything together and make some renders! Learn how to add realistic materials, set up the scene, and create flattering lighting that showcases your character and highlights all your hard work.

About the Author

About the Author

Hey there! My name is Nazar Noschenko.

I’m a character artist from Ukraine working in the animation industry with 10 years of experience.

Creating characters has always been a passion of mine. I love to
tell a story through design and personality. My clients include
studios such as Dreamworks Tv, Atomic Cartoons,
Locus Corporation, Psyop, and more.

I have wanted to make a cohesive character creation course for quite some time and I’m happy to finally share my secrets and tips that are meant to help you achieve a memorable design.

What is this Disney Character Producer course about?

Covers the entire Zbrush pipeline

A universal classical approach

Based on a professional animation project

Tips and tricks based on real experience

Disney Character producer

Master the process of creating a high-quality stylized character! This course covers sculpting, retopology, cloth simulation, hair grooming, texturing, shading, and rendering.


You already have some experience working with the software and understand its basic principles. You are familiar with the interface.






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