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3D Monks Animation

3D Monks Animation

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Learn how to recreate this looped 3D pigeon walking cycle from Fabien Rousseau.

Student requirements:

Elementary knowledge of After Effects, Cinema 4D & Photoshop

Minimum software requirements:

Cinema 4D After Effects Photoshop AE Plugin: Particular С4D Plugin: Magic Solo

Masterclass lengths:

6 hours.

The masterclass is online, so you will have access to it 24/7

Masterclass Curriculum

It's a drip masterclass, and you will get the lectures one by one per week. The whole masterclass will be accessible striating at May 17, 2019


Creating a concept of a movie, building character poses and creating an animatic. This is the most important stage. Without it, we will lose a lot of time for editing if we do everything at random.


Modeling in C4D

Will create 3d character models. This stage will take most of the project time, so stock up with coffee and cookies.


Animation in C4D

Animation of our characters. I’ll tell you how I’ve been cheating in order to not wasting my time on a full rig.


Materials and render

Set up materials for characters and render. The materials are simple, so don't worry about the performance of your computer.


Multi Pass Compositing

Import sequences and compositing into Ae


Trails in Ps

We are finalizing stylization in Photoshop, frame by frame we draw trails


Animation in Ae

We animate the background elements and the logo using the Particular plugin. Enjoy the animation.

Masterclass Tutor

Max Kravchenko
2D and 3D artist

HI! I'm Max Kravchenko. I have been working in Motion Design School since it was founded. I have 7 years of experience in the field of 2D and 3D animation. Content Creator. Responsible for promoting school in social media.