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What is this course about?

In this course, Renaud Lavency explains his entire process to create illustrations for animated videos and develop your skills every day to get better. You will start with the basics of building ideas from a white page.

You will learn the keys to increasing your sketching skills. Then you will dive into the whole process of creating illustrations for animation from the very first shape to the most complex backgrounds. All the different aspects of illustrating will be reviewed, you will learn about managing colors, composition, and negative spaces.

Create colorful characters and learn how to make them simple and full of life. If you are able to reach the end of the course you will have the key to progress and level up your incredible skills. But are you ready for this?😅









Required Software

Adobe Photoshop



From sketches to colors

We will review the entire process of creating an illustration on photoshop from the first idea
to the final result. You will discover
tips & tricks for every step.

Lights, composition

At the end of this course, you will be able
to understand how to add lights to your illustration. How to manage the difficulties
of compositing and creating negative spaces.

Character design

Learn how to create wonderfully weird characters and how to add emotions to shapes. You will also discover human character design with a focus on how to draw hands.


What will I learn?


Paper still got it

Learn how to build ideas from the chaos of your brain and how to make it a little bit
less messy.


Lines for an easy trip

You will be able to understand how to make your lines more accurate and prepare your sketches for the next step by some simple tips for self-made artists.


Technical issues

We will explain the entire process for creating colorful illustrations by using simple technics on Photoshop.


Color Dilema and Domino effects

Colors managing is something complex but some interesting tips to turn this dilemma into a very fun deformer.


Show must light on

Come and follow the lights to the next level of coolness. Light is the quickest way to push
your illustration to the sky. Learn how to light up your work.


Make the invisible visible

Negative spaces and composition are the most difficult things to manage in illustration.
Learn how to understand them and find your own way to master them.


Shape beeings

To shape or not to shape? Isn’t it the real question?
Discover how to create super simple shape characters and bring them to life.



Human characters are the most common ask from clients. Learn how to create them
 always succeed in this exciting challenge.


Hand jobs

Learn about how to draw design and modern hands. Every artist struggle with this very
useful part of the human body. But with some tips, you can become more comfortable
 doing it.


Present Yourself

Social media are the real portfolios. Learn how to present your work and make it look
 good as it deserves, and become more popular in your industry.

About the Author

About the Author

Renaud Lavency

Renaud Lavency is a self-made illustrator and animation director working mostly on animated videos. He is the artist behind some of the coolest videos on our website. His work is simple and unique and also cinematic and complex, this duality makes deeply part of his work.

He is passionate about concepts, ideas, and how to make the most out of them. Always looking for interesting detail to add
or to remove. Renaud is working as a freelancer from his cave
in Brussels where he works with the coolest studios in the industry.

Covers the entire 2D illustration pipeline

A universal classical approach

Based on a professional animation project

Tips and tricks based on real experience

Design and Illustration star

It’s time to create stunning illustrations, my friend!
In this course, You will learn about colors, characters,
composition,and tips & tricks for developing your skills!


You’ve already started taking the first steps in the sphere and have a basic understanding of the work principles of this soft.






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