Science of
Character Animation

by Markus Magnusson

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Presale is coming Soon...

Be the first to know about the course and save 50%

Is this course for me?

Illustrators & Character Designers

Who want to gain more knowledge about character design and to bring to life their own creatures.

Motion Designers & 2D Animators

Who wants to diversify their works with kickass character animations or at least get rid of ugly limbs movement.

Graphic and User Interface designers

Who want to learn character animation and create scenes which then can be used in their apps, games and other digital products.


Markus Magnusson

Heyoo, My name is Markus Magnusson but most of you probably know me as Motionmarkus. I’m a swedish born animator with over 10 years experience of bringing characters to life. I’ve animated everything from Google Doodles to wizard sticker packs for Dropbox. In this course I will spill the beans on all my techniques so if your characters are a little bit stiff & bent out of shape then you’ll love this course.

The course will cover the following themes

You’ll work with completely new animation and characters that have never been published before. These are not the things Markus has shared on his social networks before, but a complete course that incorporates all the knowledge and experience of the author.

We’ll be able to share more info about this course very soon.

Storyboarding & ideas

So, let’s start animating, right? Don’t hurry… To start with you need to have everything planned thoroughly. This stage is extremely important, as it helps to avoid tricky corrections when animating and it will also save some hair on your head from falling out.


It is definitely cool to be good at animating, but the work on character animation starts with the character. For this reason, I’ll pay great attention to how really charismatic characters are created.


A character is a complex system consisting of lots of limbs and other elements. You often can’t even figure out where to start… Rigging allows to save tons of time and make the animation process more comfortable. It’s not a cure-all solution, but it would be odd to leave it out, right?

Сharacter Posing 

Many believe that the main role in animation is played by easings and timings… But the truth is, the secret to good character animation lies in high-quality poses.

Facial Expressions

Even the slightest brow movement can cause a significant emotional response from the audience. Would be nice to know this trick as well as some others, wouldn't it?

Various Animation Techniques & Principles 

Well, this will take up a huge part of the course. I’ll share with you some fundamentals and will show you the tricks I’ve accumulated during more than 10 years of experience.

Timing & Acting

It’s not always necessary to make something technically challenging for your animation to catch the audience. The right timing and pauses play just as important part in achieving the best possible dramatic effect.

And much much more…

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Science of  Character Animation

Science of Character Animation

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Learn how to create really lively and charismatic characters, create their unique design yourself and direct funny animation scenes together with Markus Magnusson