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AR Trip Cinema 4D Course

What is this Cinema 4D course about?

We’re the lucky ones here today because the glitch is an incredibly cool and stylish tool. Basically, it’s just some randomly changing pixels with some logic behind it. And if you’re watching this video then you probably already know that.

I’m going to show you the main techniques that I use to create glitch elements in After Effects. I’ve been working with this style for a couple of years now and here are some simple yet very effective techniques that I like.









Required Software

Cinema 4D




What will I learn?


Tracking in PFTrack

We’re gonna learn how to track your footage in PFTrack, a very powerful program for tracking used by a lot of professional artists. Also, we’ll find out the first problem you may face in tracking, and the way to fix it. Enjoy!


Shark Animation Part One

We’ll find a shark model for our animation, make some edits in default textures, and bring this shark to life with a spline wrap deformer.

Shark Animation


Shark Animation Part Two

We will continue making spheres animation. But this time we’ll cover the floor and walls with some balls that will appear and disappear. 

Shark animation part 2


Balls Animation Part One

You’ll learn how to make a simple dynamics simulation with spheres moving around the scene. 


Balls Animation Part Two

We will continue making spheres animation. But this time we’ll cover the floor and walls with some balls that will appear and disappear. 


Final Touches

Aaaand we have almost reached the last stage of this journey! So in this part, we’ll work in After Effects and on all the sequences that we have rendered before. Also we will create some 2D elements that we will add to the scene.


AR Trip Breakdown

In the last lesson, ? I’ll show you how I have created three main scenes from the promo video for this masterclass. I’ll show what is inside all three projects in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

AR Trip Breakdown

About the author

About the author

Eduard Mykhailov

Maybe you know me from Instagram as @eduard_ov. For six years I have been professionally engaged in motion design. Over the years of work, I think I have developed my own style, which is hugely focused on glitches.

The clients I worked with include Martin Garrix, Massive Attack, OWSLA, Wargaming, KFC Gaming, BlackStar. I hope that after I share my tricks with you, you will make your viewer say “WOW” after watching.

Augmented Reality Trip - Cinema 4D Course

Learn fundamentals of tracking

Start your first VFX in Cinema 4D

You will stop being afraid of sharks

Improve and stylize your animation

AR Trip Cinema 4D

Learn how to make some magic in your filmed footage. If you’re, like me, always dreaming about creating something beautiful and different, and want all these things to become “almost” real, this masterclass for you. Spice up any video with your imagination. Learn the basic techniques of creating different Augmented Reality videos. We’ll cover different aspects of workflow: advanced tracking in PFtrack, setting up the model and then animating it, adjusting the realistic light in Octane render, and also making some simple simulations in Cinema 4D.


You’ve already started taking the first steps in the sphere and have a basic understanding of the work principles of this soft.






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