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Rich Glitch

Rich Glitch

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We’re the lucky ones here today because the glitch is an incredibly cool and stylish tool. Basically, it’s just some randomly changing pixels with some logic behind it. And if you’re watching this video then you probably already know that. So in this Masterclass, I’m going to show you the main techniques that I use to create glitch elements in After Effects. I’ve been working with this style for a couple of years by now and here are some simple yet very effective techniques that I like.

Student requirements:

Basics of AE, nice to know basics of C4D and AI

Minimum software requirements:

After Effects Cinema 4D Illustrator

Masterclass lenghts:

1 hour 10 minutes.
The masterclass is online, so you will have access to it 24/7

Masterclass Curriculum


Main Features

In this lesson you will learn the basic techniques of creating glitch elements, and the tricks I use in almost every project.


3D Tracking in After Effects

In this part, you will make object tracking in After Effects with 3D Camera Tracker, and you will understand how to track object movements, and learn some tips I usually use.


Object Tracking in Cinema 4D

If you can’t track your object in After Effects, you will move to Cinema 4D and do Object Tracking here. Cinema 4D is a powerful tool for tracking, it takes more time, but the result is worth it.


Creating Elements Part 1

In this part, you will attach the future graphics to the object, learn some useful tips & tricks, and also begin to create glitch elements for graphics.


Creating Elements Part 2

Proceed with elements, put them in space, add a beautiful glow to the scene, and also make the final touches. And RENDER.


Breakdown 1. AR Controller

In this lesson I will tell you about creating a video with the “AR Controller”, how I created everything from the beginning to the end, what tools I used.


Breakdown 2. Space Bank Card

In this lesson I will tell you about creating a video with a “Space Bank Card”, how I created everything from the beginning to the end, what tools I used.

Masterclass Tutor

Eduard Mikhailov
Motion Graphics Designer

Maybe you know me from Instagram as @eduard_ov, and for six years I have been professionally engaged in motion design. Over the years of work, I think I have developed my own style, which is directed towards the glitches. I worked with clients such as Martin Garrix, Massive Attack, OWSLA, Wargaming, KFC Gaming, BlackStar. I hope that by sharing my tricks with you your viewer will say “WOW” after watching.


Frequently asked questions

The main part will be made with Adobe After Effects, but we will also use Cinema 4D and Adobe Illustrator a bit.
After enrolling in this masterclass, you will:
- learn my complete process of creating a video from tracking till the final render
- get 3 project files of the scenes we will be considering
- get the bonus 30 Glitch Elements pack.
It will be better if you have Data Glitch plugin, but you can make it without it.
It is advisable to have a basic knowledge of After Effects, to know how to create a shape, how to set keyframes, how to set up animation graphics, and so on.
For 3-5 hours you can make a video.
In fact, in many areas. But most often it’s a music videos, advertising, or any futuristic genre of video.