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What is this Autodesk Maya course about?

You will explore modeling with Autodesk Maya and shading & lighting in Redshift3D.

If you have zero experience with Redshift3D, that is alright. I will start with the basics and build on that. Basic drawing skills are needed for texturing, ideally with a drawing tablet.









Required Software

Autodesk Maya, Redshift 3D




What will I learn in 3D Illustration using Autodesk Maya course?


Modeling Basics – Tips and Tricks

A short introduction to Maya where we will learn basic modeling techniques with some tips and tricks.


Modeling in Maya

We will start modeling all the components of the 2D illustration. I will explain in depth all the tools and functions that are used to model. In the end, we will make a nice composition and set up a camera in Maya.


Unfolding UVs and Texturing

UVs are an important part of a 3D workflow and are often overlooked. A good UV is required to create seamless textures. I will teach you how to make UVs for all the components that we modeled and how to edit them in the UV editor. Lastly I will export a few UVs into Photoshop and give basic patterns/textures.


Lighting and Shading with Redshift3D

Shading and Lighting give life to 3D components. You will learn how to create different shaders, bump maps, specular maps and basics of SSS (subsurface scattering) along with the Render Settings. I will also show how to level up an illustration by using lights, HDRIs and adding soft but interesting shadows.

About the Author

About the Author

I am Sonal Jadhav, a Netherlands-based freelance 3D illustrator

I produce illustrations for editorial, advertising campaigns and one-off commissions. My style focuses on incorporating a strong use of color palettes and composition. After many years of playing around with different aesthetics, I have found that the best work I do is creating surreal spaces. I am passionate about creating 3D illustrations that are pleasing to the senses; by using characters, forms and textures that create a tactile quality.

My work has been featured on Behance, Ballpitmag, FOUR magazine to name a few.

3D Illustration using Autodesk Maya Course

3D Illustration using Autodesk Maya Course

You will learn how to create beautifully composed 3D illustrations. I’ll be taking you through my 3D workflow and talk about basic but faster modeling techniques, bunch of tips and tricks, lighting, shading and much more


You’ve already started taking the first steps in the sphere and have a basic understanding of the work principles of this soft.






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