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Expressive Bird Animation

Expressive Bird

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In this masterclass, we will, step by step, animate this beautiful illustration and after that, add some effects and stylization. Emphasis will be on how to make a charismatic movement of the bird and what principles of animation was used.

Student requirements:

Elementary knowledge of After Effects & Illustrator required. Be sure to check the Fundamentals on After Effects Course before.

Minimum software requirements:

After Effects (CC 2018+) Illustrator

Masterclass lengths:

1 hour 30 minutes.

The masterclass is online, so you will have access to it 24/7

Masterclass Curriculum


Animation of a bird

Will make the main movements of abird, see what principles of animation are used for this and adjust easings.


Background animation

We’ll loop the background and set up offsets


The Reaction of the liana and trees

We will make the natural reaction of the liana and trees and learn how to synchronize all the elements


Animation of the rabbits

Will make the animation of the rabbits and the reaction of the environment



We will learn how to create a crisp texture and quickly apply it.

Masterclass Tutor

Max Marakhovskyi
Motion Designer

An experienced Motion Designer whowas one of the best students in our offline school. He is the one behind #motiontricks in Motion Design School's Instagram account .