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2d character design online course
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What is this 2D character course about?

Have you ever wondered how somebody works on a commissioned
project since the first email received? This course will teach you how
to face a Character Design for an animation project.

We will start since the client briefing and we will guide you through every step, since you start looking for references, building a mood board that
will inspire you to face the project and start with the first rough sketches, the style research based on cartoon basics and finding and doing the final art style that will define the whole project. We also will refresh a bit of basic drawing and color theory, taking references from very known
characters of the animation world.

We will apply all of this to our fancy characters, giving them a colorful
and modern look and seeing how they evolve from scratch to the final art.









Required Software

Adobe Photoshop



Complete Production Pipeline

Refresh the basics of shapes and color theory. Learn how to face a character design project from the briefing to the final art.

Practical Tasks

We will go step by step starting from the basic task and ending up with the intermediate level. Learn how to add value to your character design. Find the final style and the best color palette for your project.

Real experience tricks

The course is based on the real video that was created for motion design school. Find out how the characters were designed. Learn to merge two different concepts into a new one.


What will I learn?


Let’s talk about us!

A quick introduction about ourselves. We talk about our professional
background and show our personal artwork


Briefing and Brainstorming

1.1.General overview and character’s definition
What is the general tone of the character’s context? We define where those characters will live, always thinking in the client requests,
defining the mood and attitude of every character before starting drawing

1.2. Moodboarding
GO CRAZY! Inspiration and graphic research. Moodboard and concept creation


Drawing with a concept

2.1 Shapes and first sketches
We explain how to start with basic shapes, poses and acting, refreshing a bit
 shapes theory and going for the first rough sketches

2.2 Defining the characters
Adding some elements to the design to add personality, attitude, and crazy stuff to
our characters in the sketch phase

2.3 Lineart and Color Theory
Brushes and line style search, color palette definition and general look & feel
to find
 the final art style for our designs. Also a bit of color theory to refresh our memories

2.4 Clean-up and Final Art: LET’S NAIL IT!
Line art, color tests and final clean-up of our precious, magnificent and perfect
Unicorn character. Showcase of our final horses proposals for the client


Humans. Extra Characters

3.1. How are humans?
We will talk about human proportions, sketching, cartoon exaggeration, adding style and identity to our designs. KISS! Clean up and showcase our human characters.

3.2 Adding human behavior to animals
Let’s talk a bit about how to add human behavior to the animals. We will design
 Sexy Gorilla playing with cartoon basics: Expressions, make-up, acting, etc…


Merging characters and style frames (bonus track!)

4.1. Creating a new character merging 2 different concepts
We’ll show how we can create a new character from one already created (unicorn) by merging it with a new concept (fly) and transforming our beautiful unicorn into a fly!

4.2. Style frames
Showcase of the style frames we created for our client, trying to define the project
the visual style and comparing them to the final video made by our client

Meet Your Tutors

Ana Perez

Hey! I’m a 2d artist based in Barcelona. I’ve been working during my professional career as a multidisciplinary artist, especially in the technology field. Right now my current work
is in the gaming industry as a 2d artist and UI Artist, also working on more illustration and cartoon freelances related.

As I said, I love comics and cartoons and my personal artwork is very influenced by that and the colorful and badass style.

Jordi Villaverde

Hello! I am Jordi, known as villaisdrawing
in social networks. Illustrator and character designer from sunny Barcelona that loves video games, comics, animation,
and all kinds of design and arts.

I usually work in character design, video games, advertising, and editorial with a cartoony and personal style, strongly influenced by Japanese and pop culture:
drawings about feelings, emotions, music.

What is 2d character design magician course about?

Find the final style and the best color palette for your project

Learn to merge two different concepts into a new one

Learn how to add values to your character design

Refresh the basics of shapes and color theory

Learn how to face a character design project
from the briefing to the final art

2D Character
Design Magician

Learn the way to face a Character Design commission from scratchto the final art! Briefing, Documentation, Moodboarding, Rough Concepts, Color Tests and Clean Up!


You’ve already started taking the first steps in the sphere and have a basic understanding of the work principles of this soft.






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