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RIVE Animation


What is this Rive course about?

This course is your gateway to mastering Rive, the cutting-edge web-based software that’s transforming the world of interactive experiences. Whether you’re looking to create dynamic UI buttons, icons, text, HUDs, game menus, or more.

Seamlessly export your designs to any website, mobile app, or integrate them into game engines like Unity. Plus, become a part of the vibrant Rive community by uploading your works to the Rive library, where you can explore and learn from a plethora of project files right on the website.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from using bones, constraints, and joysticks for nuanced character control, to mixing and blending animations for rich, fluid movements. Learn how to set up parallax rigs, utilize nested artboards, and leverage events for interactive storytelling. We’ll even guide you through assembling characters in a room and orchestrating interactions between all elements.









Required Software




Interactive Motion

Interactive motion enriches user experiences, boosts engagement, fosters creativity, enhances storytelling, allows for real-time interaction, and offers versatility across web, apps, and games, revolutionizing digital design and communication.

New Possibilities

Compared to regular MP4 or GIF, interactive motion offers dynamic responsiveness, higher engagement, customizable user experiences, real-time feedback, advanced animation control, and seamless integration across digital platforms and devices.

Free Software

Rive’s free software provides accessible, powerful animation tools, fosters a collaborative community, supports creativity, offers extensive resources, and enables seamless integration across multiple platforms for designers and developers alike.


What will I learn in Rive course?


Rive Basics: Jump Ball

Explore Rive’s interface, tools, and workflow. Apply basic techniques
in a practical project to understand Rive’s fundamentals and build a strong foundation in motion design.

RIVE Animation



Rigging Essentials: Bubble & Water

Delve into creating realistic water effects. Learn slider integration for enhancing user interaction, and apply these skills to simulate natural, dynamic water movements in your designs.

RIVE Animation



Rigging & Animation: Belly Rock

Advanced character rigging and joystick control. Elevate animation control, blending techniques in state machines for seamless transitions, creating more complex, lifelike character move

RIVE Animation



Rigging & Animation: Sunny Girl

Advanced rigging and customization. Explore character personalization, learning mixing techniques in Rive for more
diverse, unique animations with professional polish.

RIVE Animation



Faux 3D Rig: Artist

Master character rigging with constraints for flexibility. Create engaging, fun animations, learning techniques to bring characters
to life with personality and movement.

RIVE Animation



Faux 3D Rig: Lazer Boy

Animate multi-layered parallax rigs. Learn particle creation with cursor tracking using nested artboards, adding depth and interactivity to your animations for a more immersive experience.

RIVE Animation



Mixed Techniques: Spin the Fire

We learn how to contorol and mixing frame by frame animations into state machine and how to rotate shapes into 360*

RIVE Animation



Interactive Room Setup

Assemble a comprehensive project with a parallax rig, 3D eye, and characters. Integrate all elements for interactive storytelling, showcasing your skills in a complex, engaging composition.

RIVE Animation


About the author

About the author

Max Marakhovskyi

Hello, I’m a Motion Designer deeply passionate about the art
of visual storytelling and the magic of animation.

My journey began as an After Effects animator, where I explored the endless possibilities of creating compelling narratives through motion. However, as the industry evolved, so did I.
I transitioned to mastering Rive interactive motion, a decision that opened up a new world of interactive and dynamic design opportunities.

You might also know me from the hundreds of #motiontricks I’ve shared on the Motion Design School’s Instagram account.

Interactive animation creation.

Versatile 2D/3D workflow.

Extensive library of animations.

Community based.

Free Software.

Rive – Interactive Motion

Dive into the innovative world of interactive motion design. Seize emerging job opportunities, enhance your skills, and shape the future in this rapidly evolving, creative technology landscape.


You’ve already got extensive experience, and you want to jump to the final level and become a senior motion designer.






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