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Frame by Frame Handdrawn FX

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A course on drawing and animating special effects like smoke, natural phenomena and organic forms. Gain frame-by-frame animation skills essential for any software.

Frame-by-frame Handdrawn FX

In this course, you will learn not just how to animate special effects, but also how to actually draw them. We will dive deep into the principles of how to animate any type of energy. Liquids, morphings, smokes, bubbles, etc.

What's the result?

Frame-by-frame Handdrawn FX

The reasons why animators and motion designers usually fail in hand-drawn special effects

It's too time-consuming
Compared to making motion design in After Effects, hand-drawn special effects are a time-consuming monster.

We will teach you how to draw and animate things easier and faster by using proper software and a proper animator mindset.
I don't have a graphics tablet
Well, you should purchase one. You will most definitely need one right here in the course.

Seriously, why don't you still have one?
I don't know how to draw
Well, this is a great place to start. Drawing energy doesn't require many skills, but it does require a thoughtful approach.

We will cover basic aspects of actually drawing the energy so that you are more comfortable with creating special effects.
After Effects can't handle it
It's true, After Effects wasn't meant to be used as a frame by frame animation tool. Trying to make a proper hand-drawn special effect in After Effects is like trying to make a 3D illustration in 2D software.

No worries, you can use Animate, Photoshop, ToonBoom or any other software for drawing.
I've tried once and it was terrible
So you have tried making some hand-drawn transitions, letterings or fluids and it was horrific? Welcome to the reality of drawing things by hand.

We will help you go step by step starting from very basic elements to much more complex animations so that you will grow your confidence and make it rock.

Is this course for me?

Motion designers
Frame-by-frame animation does not depend on software, tools or rigging. Everything will be the way you draw it. In this course, we'll introduce you to the advanced techniques and teach you to create complex special effects.
Have nice drawing skills? You are halfway through! Some practice and the right workflow and you are almost a pro frame-by-frame animator. Reach out and grab this opportunity!

What will I learn in Frame by Frame Handdrawn FX course?

Introduction lesson will outline what is needed to succeed in the course, provide you with additional resources, links to our communities, and other organizational information just to get you started.
1. Drawing effects
Theoretical part. Principles of drawing effects. We will learn what organics mean and how to draw it.
2. Animating energy
We will figure out how animating rigid bodies differs from animating more amorphous bodies.
3. Starting scene + Liquid
In this lesson, we move on to creating the scene itself. Make a small review of the draft animation, the scene structure, and start animating fluid or, more precisely, liquid plumes from moving objects.
4. Morphing #1
In this tutorial, we will look at how morphing is done. We will make the transformation of a frog into a sloth.
5. Smoke effects
Here we will create not only the smoke animation but also the ink that the squid emits at the end of the scene.
6. Morphing #2
Here we will animate sloth to squid morphing.
7. Bubbles
Animation of bubbles created by an object falling in the water.
8. Squid animation
In this tutorial, we will animate a squid. Although it can be considered character animation, we still decided to include this lesson in the course. Animating a squid is more similar to the effects animation, since squid is an invertebrate creature, and its movements are more similar to the movements of energy than to those of the characters we are used to.
9. Lettering
The name of the lesson speaks for itself. Here we will analyze the text reveal animation.
10. Transition
The final lesson in which we will create a transition from one scene to another, which you can save as footage and apply it more than once in your videos.


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Students' Homework

What will I be capable of after the Frame by Frame Handdrawn FX course?

What do our students say?

You will study from animators and Motion Designers from around the globe. Each of them is a professional in their own field, seasoned in production studios, freelance projects with big brands and stock footages. And right, we are also sweet.

My name is Danila, and animation has always been my hobby since very childhood.

Who will be teaching?

My name is Danila, and animation has always been my hobby since very childhood.
I started making my first cartoons when I was 12 years old. I started my way with Macromedia Flash MX, then switched to After Effects, became a freelancer, but after a few years of creating commercials, I realized that I was not interested in it anymore. I decided to forget about cut-out animation and go deep into frame-by-frame only. My wife and have created an animation studio called Jambo and begun to get acquainted with like-minded people who, like us, are burning with this idea. We want to grow professionally and to do great things, make beautiful, unusual animation, and not just commercials.

What are the course benefits?

Our goal is to make your journey to motion design as comfortable as possible so we prepared some cool features
Free updates
The most common problem new illustrators face is lack of knowledge of the basics: how to work with lines, shapes, and perspective. As a result the shape is lost, and the viewer fails to comprehend the size and shape of objects or characters in the frame.
Study wherever you go
Many animators don't know Adobe Illustrator well and draw everything not in the most appropriate way. Besides, a poorly organized workflow may force you to get rid of something you have already done.

One of a kind support
Typically, it is the result of the fact that all the work is based on intuition. There are always questions where to place an object to improve the storytelling, especially when you work on adjacent frames in large projects.

You will be invited to the members-only private community of motion designers from around the world on Facebook. It's a whole bunch of people that you will have a lot in common with.
100% money back guarantee
If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back within 14 days after the purchase. Only applies to the purchase of the course with no discount coupon applied.
Student and location discounts
Not-so-good exchange rate? (i.e. India/Brazil). Get in touch to get a coupon. Student? Email us from your student email or attach your student ID.
Frame by Frame Handdrawn FX
  • Learn to create outstanding frame by frame special effects to spice up your animations;
  • All our students will be able to get 3 months of Advanced Toon Boom Harmony for as low as €9/month instead of €43/month! Such prices are only available for higher education students and only for long-term subscriptions.
  • Showcase your new skills to the community of our students and worldwide to your future fans and clients.

Frame by Frame Handdrawn FX

A course on drawing and animating special effects like smoke, natural phenomena and organic forms. Gain frame-by-frame animation skills essential for any software.

Basic ?

You’ve already started taking the first steps in the sphere and have a basic understanding of the work principles of this soft.

100% money back guarantee

If unhappy with the course, you can request a refund within 14 days after the purchase and get every cent back. Courses purchased before the actual starting date refund can be requested up to 14 days after the first lesson becomes available. Note: not applicable if purchased with a discount coupon

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a graphic tablet for the course?
Yes. To draw frame by frame animation you definitely need a graphic tablet. Surely you can draw with a mouse or a trackpad, and surely somebody can draw with their feet holding a pencil between their toes. But it is much easier to draw by hand, isn't it?
Do I have to know how to draw?
If you had at least any basic skills of holding a pencil in your hand then you can make it. Everything you will really have to know is how to draw some curved lines. On top of it all we will actually teach you how to draw these curved lines at the first lesson, so keep it easy.
Are there any discounts?
If no presale or discount activities are happening, you can get in touch with us to receive a $50-off coupon. We provide coupons for countries not-so-good exchange rates and for students.

We consider a country with a not-so-good exchange rate a country, where the currency rate is more than $1 to 10 units of local currency. For example, 10.5 Botswana Pula equals $1. If your country's currency rate is lower than 1:10, we do not consider your country as a country with a not so good exchange rate.

We consider you a student if you have a valid student email address (@***.edu) and/or a valid student ID. Please either write to us from your student email or attach a picture of your student id so that we can verify your student status.

Please double check if there are no presale, sales or discount activities happening as we do not provide coupons during these periods.

What if the course is too difficult for me?
We do not force anyone to start the course. If you have a feeling that the course might be just too difficult, you can postpone the purchase. If you are a complete beginner and you have never made any animation, probably it will be difficult for you, but it definitely will not be useless for you.
Can I share the art that I create during the course?
Sure. As in any other school, you will not just listen to lectures but also receive home tasks. We will be very glad to see how you are dealing with them.
Will I get enough knowledge to land a job?
With enough practice, you will receive just enough knowledge to reach a new level and beat your competitors. You will have a chance to get more clients since your works will be much more prominent. Most of all, you will be able to charge far more than you are charging now.
How long does it take to successfully finish the course?
Everything depends on your desire and aspiration. You can surely watch the course in one day, but science shows that our brain cannot perceive and digest too much information in a single run. Furthermore, just by watching videos you will not go far. The goal here is to practice as much as possible, for that, we have lots of homework waiting for you. Only by practice, you will be able to get the maximum from this course. We highly recommend spending at least 2 days practicing after each lesson. In this tempo, you will require at least one month to finish this course.
Will this course work for me if I have some skills in frame by frame animation?
Yes. Moreover, if you have skills in frame by frame animation you will have a huge advantage in comparison to others. This course is not just for beginners, but also for advanced animators.
What if my level of English is not good enough and I find it difficult to understand the spoken language?
This course has subtitles, which makes the content easier for understanding and lets you check the unknown words in the dictionary, if needed.