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Rigging in Moho

Rigging with Moho

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Character rigging and animation in MOHO. You will learn all important features of MOHO 13, rigging 2,5d characters, use of smartbone actions, practical use of principles of animation in cut-out character animation and how to animate full scene for your explainer video.

Student requirements:

Elementary knowledge of motion design in any motion software

Minimum software requirements:


Masterclass lengths:

2 hours.

The masterclass is online, so you will have access to it 24/7

Masterclass Curriculum


Introduction to MOHO software

We will walk through the fundamentals of the MOHO 13 Software so you can get familiar with the main application we are going to use throughout the course



How to quickly rig your characters using MOHO with multiple techniques:
a) Introduction to bones
b) Importing assets from Adobe AI
c) Working with assets and bones



Real-life application for smartbones to mimic 3D head turns. Tips and tricks for creating a proper face and body parts animation. .
a) Rigging 2,5D Head and smartbones techniques
b) Squash & stretch
c) Bone dynamics


Character animation principles

Understanding how to animate basic character motion and movements by the example of humans
a) Introduction
b) Basics in character’s movements


Animating the main scene

Rigging your first real project scene with multiple characters and animals.
a) Character’s rigs
b) Character’s animation


Hand’s rig and animation

Rigging 2.5D hands and animating them.

Masterclass Tutor

Pawel Granatowski
Co-owner of

I am a self-made animator. I’ve got my experience from working on various projects as a freelancer and from my time in animation studios.

Being passionate about character animation, but also well-versed in motion graphics, I bring my ideas to life using such tools as MOHO, After Effects and C4D.

You can check some of my works at

After many years of working in Adobe After Effects, I discovered that things could be done much faster and better by using MOHO, and it changed my approach to animation.

Its simplicity and well-designed tools for rigging left me in awe, and MOHO has become a must-have in my production pipeline.

With my business partner Maciek, we’ve made our dreams come true and launched a studio ANIMWOOD.COM which we currently run together.