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Music Production Basics

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In this free mini-course you will dive into the music production basics and explore the exciting features of Ableton Live 10.


Music Production Basics

Music Production Basics
You will learn how to create music from scratch and grasp all the basic techniques and principles of music production. As a result, you will gain a set of essential skills to be able to make a finished track.

On the example of this exclusive beat you will understand how to work with samples and instruments, how to make a drum part, a bass-line and a melody as well as how to arrange and mix it all together.
What's the result?

Course Curriculum

The course is designed to effectively introduce you to the basic stages of music production, even if you have never done this before.
1. Intro
In this part you will get familiar with the Live interface (navigation, browsing, editing etc), analyze the music you hear and learn how to make a drum part by using one-shot samples.
2. Bassline and Melody
You will train your ear to be able to deconstruct any music piece and learn how to work with MIDI (tracks and editor) to create bass-lines and melodies. This part will also cover the principles of arrangement and automation in Live.
3. Mixing and Export
After we have finished the arrangement we'll move to the mixing part to make all our instruments sound properly and in balance. We'll work with the native devices including EQ, compression and stereo effects to polish our tracks and export the final mix.
Bonus: Exclusive sample pack
With this course, you will get the exclusive pack of one-shot samples.
You can use it as you want, for personal or commercial projects.

What students say about our courses and school

Hi, my name is Stan Kutcher and I'm a musician, producer and sound designer at Motion Design School.

I've been in the music industry for about 10 years now and have worked with different artists and bands, performed with live acts and produced a lot of music in a variety of genres. I have always been inspired by music and started playing musical instruments since I was 11 and then added up to my skill set computer technologies such as DAW (digital audio workstation) which allowed me to create amazing stuff and manipulate sounds. After years of experimenting with different DAW's I have finally discovered Ableton Live which became my one-stop-shop production and performance tool for all my musical ideas.

In this free course, I will get you through a bunch of useful features in Live and teach music production basics, so you can easily start making music right away and then share it with the world! Enroll now!

Who will be teaching?

Stan Kutcher
You will get access to a closed group of students of the course on Facebook. There you can ask a question or ask for advice from us or our community. By the way, the authors of the course will also be in this group, which means you can get feedback from the teacher.

Facebook group for all students of the course

Music Production Basics
  • An exclusive track made especially for this course
  • A unique workflow from a professional musician and sound designer
  • Free Sample Pack (included when you enroll)

Music Production Basics

In this free mini-course you will dive into the music production basics and explore the exciting features of Ableton Live 10.

Beginner ?

Beginner: You don't need any preliminary training.