Expressions Trip

Hardcore online course on how to animate with expressions in After Effects.

This course will teach you to understand and to write your own expressions. You’ll get so much more than just theory. It will be a real practice with unique and complex illustrations. You’ll finally get rid of tons of useless keyframes and get your work automized. We’ll show you how to work with many functions and teach you so many cool and unique techniques that will save your precious time.

This course will give you new opportunities and free you from the fears of using expressions

Expressions. Something from another planet.

You see other people using Expressions but you don’t know a thing about them and you’re too scared to start?

Expressions are an integral AE part that gives more opportunities than you’ll ever get with an interface. Expressions will make your projects more flexible and will save you hours of work.

I don’t know programming at all

You did try to learn it but still no luck?

Well, you won’t need a programming skill with Expressions. You’ll learn the basics in your first lessons.

I can hardly find where to use them

You know how they work yet don’t know where to apply them?

You need a good practice based on complex illustrations where you’ll get the best out of Expressions.

Math for kids

So you see maths functions and operations in Expressions and it keeps pushing you away?

Good news! AE has all the tools to change the way you see them. And we’ll give you some great examples to free you from any fear of using them. You’ll get your thirst for knowledge back!

I love the routine

There’s nothing wrong with routine but you have no idea how much time you actually waste!

You’ll learn tons of helpful functions and they’ll change the way you work forever.

Is this course for me?

This course was designed for motion designers who want to streamline their workflow. It will be helpful for both the beginners who want to learn the Expressions and those who are more experienced.

Motion Designers

This course will be perfect for both the beginners and advanced motion designers. And for motion designers who want to organize and optimize their projects for work and sales with stocks and explainers.


Aspiring and professional animators who just got into motion and have no programming experience.


Programmers who want to try their hand in graphics and animations

What will I learn in Expression Trip course?

It's a drip course, and you will get the lectures one by one per week.
The whole course will be accessible striating at April 27, 2019 


You’ll get to know where to start. We’ll tell you some details about the whole educational process and show you the soft you’ll need plus some extra stuff you may find helpful.

1. Expressions Basics

Parenting, Wiggle, time, value, noise.
You’ll learn the expression basics here. You’ll get to know how they work and what they are.
We’ll talk about parentings, arrays, time, value, noise, loop wiggle and will make it easy and accessible to learn about them in your very first lesson.

2. Sliders. Random. Posterize Time.

Learn how to make your own sliders, polish your skills completing everyday tasks. We’ll spread stars in the night sky in two clicks and we’ll learn how to manage them at the same time.

3. Loops. Index. Value At Time, propertyGroup

You will learn the loop variations and get to practice with them. We’ll go deeper into expressions. You’ll learn how to parent layers and create generative clouds.

4.If/else. Math. 

In this lesson we’ll see how if/else work and we’ll use them to add our elements some variativity. You’ll learn more about Math functions and add more flexibility while using less keyframes.

5. Linear. Shape builder. Whale.

Learn how to use the most powerful expressions that can free you from the keyframe slavery. Create a dynamic graphic constructor. We’ll create a loop while using no keyframe at all!

6. Expression Controls. Color schemes. Pseudo effects.

Learn how to easily change color schemes in your projects and create your own pseudo effects. Save a lot of time on your projects using them.

7. Parallax, advanced bend

We will begin to work with advanced techniques. We’ll start with a flexible parallax and will breathe life In our city.

8. Working with Path

Path animation, Crab dance.
Learn how to work with path and how to use them.

9. Fire Generator

We’ll create a flexible stylized fire generator

10. Walking Godzilla. City constructor.

Learn how to animate Godzilla and make it walk just by moving its position. Create a destroyed city using one slider.

11. ExtendScript, Part 1

The basis with which you will understand what the scripts are, how they differ from the expressions and which advantages they provide. You will create a simple script that will help you in the animation.

12. ExtendScript, Part 2

In this lesson, you will make a script that will automatically add Bend It on all selected layers and add a controller with which you can smoothly change parameters of all effects simultaneously.

Meet your tutors

Yaroslav Kononov

School founder

The author of the first Motion Beast course and Expressions course, CEO of Yaroflasher studio. More than 10 years of experience in motion design and animation.

Denys Bondartsov

Scripts & Expressions Guru

Knows After Effects as his second language. Tutor of offline Motion Beast Course and co-author of Expressions course.

Denys Siurin

Course support

An experienced 3D designer who transferred to Motion Design. Loves bringing life to simple shapes and images.

Sergey Bolobaev

Course support

Loves After Effects and everything related to it. Highly skilled in organizing processes. Will help you out throughout the education process.

What are the course benefits?

Our goal is to make your journey to motion design as comfortable as possible so we prepared some cool features

Free updates

Once you finish the course, you will continue receiving new tutorials and updates. Isn't that awesome?

Study wherever you go

Even though we recommend using a desktop computer or a laptop, you can study on any device. But you will still need a laptop or a desktop computer for practice.

One of a kind support

We have a live chat support for you. It may not be a 24/7 support, but it's still real help.


You will be invited to the members only private community of other students from around the world on Facebook. It's a whole bunch of people that you will have a lot in common with.

100% money back guarantee

If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back within 14 days after the purchase. Only applies to the single full-price purchase of the course.

Student and location discounts

Not-so-good exchange rate? (i.e. India/Brazil). Get in touch to get a coupon. Student? Email us from your student email or attach your student ID.

How much?

Sold out

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  • Use expressions to become super productive in After Effects.
  • Automate your projects to the max and speed up your workflow by 5 times.
  • Get to know expressions and scripts and learn how to create your own.
  • A thoroughly designed course programme for motion designers of any skill.
  • Get professional experience with complex and unique projects.
  • Over a hundred different expressions will make your impossible ideas a reality.
  • You never get an extra hour in a day, but you’ll definitely save a few hours to sleep!

100% money back guarantee

If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back within 14 days after the purchase. Only applies to the single full-price purchase of the course.

Student and location discounts

Not-so-good exchange rate? (i.e. India/Brazil). Get in touch to get a coupon. Student? Email us from your student email or attach your student ID.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find After Effects?

You can find After Effects here: It will be enough to work with the trial for some time, but we highly recommend buying a license.

Will this course work for me if I know nothing about After Effects?

This course was designed for those motion designers who already have some basic experience in AE. The whole curriculum is focused on working with expressions.

Do I have to know how to code?

No, we’ll show you how to understand and write your own expressions from scratch. In this course you’re going to learn programming basics too.

And what if the course will be too difficult for me?

In this course we’ll work with expressions of different difficulty levels. You’ll easily find a use for the basic ones. And you’ll get better in programming and maths with practice. You don’t have to be an expert here, it’s just another skill you’ll get soon for sure.

Are there any discounts?

We do have a students and locational discounts. Not-so-good exchange rate? (i.e. India/Brazil). Get in touch for a discount coupon. Student? Email us from your student email or attach your student ID.

Can I issue a refund?

If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back within 14 days after the purchase. It is only applies to the single full-price purchase of the course. So if you would like to use a discount coupon, monthly payment plan or you bough the course during presale, keep in mind that you will be not eligible for the refund.

Can I share the art that I create during the course?

Yes, all the artwork that you create on the course belongs to you. You can share and tweet and dribbble whatever animation you create. We would be grateful if you mention our school while sharing, we have @motiondesignschool accounts almost on every network.

How much time will I need for the course?

You’ll get the best out of it within a month spending 10 hours per week. You can watch all the videos within a day but you’ll have to practice a lot to get a real result. We highly recommend you to dedicate a couple of days to do all the tasks and practice after each lesson.

Where my knowledge can be applied?

This course will help you to upgrade your workflow and you’ll be able to realize more complicated projects. You’ll simplify and automate your projects for creating templates and selling them on stocks. 

Will I get enough knowledge to land a job?

This course is focused on using expressions and optimization, but you’ll also get a lot of works for your portfolio. And your flexibility and speed of work will make you stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Will I have access to the course materials after I finish the course?

Yes. You will have access to the course as long as we exist. This will help you refresh your memory from time to time.