Motion Professional

A set of all necessary courses to master the profession of motion design. After all the courses you will receive enough knowledge and skills to start your career in motion graphics.

Courses 4
start level Basic
Appx. duration 6-9 months
areas of work Gamedev, TV, advertisement & more
Appx. hour rate $40


The path that includes a set of must have skills to master the profession. We recommend you to start with a free course “Frame by Frame Fundamentals” from MDS Team. After the successful completion of all the steps and your diploma work, We will give you a certificate and title of Motion Hero (Designer)

Diploma project and employment assistance

This means, you will be added to our system and recommended to some of the best and brightest design studios from all around the world. Moreover, clients will be able to hire you for projects by our recommendation. Even more, if you are the best of the best (and we do believe you are), there is a chance to join our team! Start your path right now and dive into the sea of unbelievable motion design tips and tricks.


Fundamentals on After Effects
Motion Beast
Expressions trip
MAD VFX in After Effects
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