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Gradient Stroke with Text Layer

April 4, 2021 ·
Max Kravchenko
Max Kravchenko Motion Designer & Tutor

Find out how to achieve the gradient stroke in after effects. The main thing is to make the gradient following the path. You can’t accomplish this task with the effects or shape layers. But you can make it with Text Layer.

How to Make Gradient Stroke with Text Layer in After Effects

To create a gradient stroke with a text layer in After Effects, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new composition by going to “Composition” > “New Composition.” Set the desired dimensions and duration for your composition.
  2. Create a new text layer by going to “Layer” > “New” > “Text.” Type in your desired text.
  3. Select the text layer in the timeline panel and go to the “Character” panel to customize the text’s font, size, and other attributes.
  4. With the text layer selected, navigate to the “Effects & Presets” panel. Search for the “Gradient Ramp” effect and apply it to the text layer.
  5. In the Effects Control panel, you will find the Gradient Ramp settings. Adjust the Start and End colors to create the desired gradient for your stroke.
  6. Now, duplicate the text layer by selecting it and pressing “Ctrl/Command + D.” This duplicate layer will be used for the stroke effect.
  7. With the duplicated text layer selected, go to “Layer” > “Layer Styles” > “Stroke.”
  8. In the Stroke settings, adjust the Size to determine the thickness of the stroke. You can also customize the color if needed.
  9. To link the stroke color to the gradient ramp, click on the stopwatch icon next to the Stroke Color property.
  10. In the timeline panel, expand the duplicated text layer to reveal the Stroke options. You will find a “Color” property. Click on the pickwhip icon next to the Color property and drag it to the “Start Color” property of the Gradient Ramp effect on the original text layer.
  11. Release the pickwhip, and the Stroke Color property should now be linked to the gradient color.
  12. You can further customize the stroke by adjusting other properties in the Stroke settings, such as opacity, blending mode, and alignment.
  13. Preview your composition to see the gradient stroke effect on the text layer.

That’s it! You’ve created a gradient stroke effect using a text layer in After Effects. Feel free to experiment with different settings and options to achieve the desired result.

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