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Create Nulls from Paths

April 15, 2021 ·
Max Kravchenko
Max Kravchenko Motion Designer & Tutor

After effects is finally having access to the path points. Besides that, it has a native script that will help you attach null points to the path.

Creating Nulls from Paths Step by Step

To create nulls from paths in After Effects, you can follow these steps:

  1. Import your footage or composition containing the desired path.
  2. Select the layer with the path.
  3. Go to the “Layer” menu, navigate to “Create” and choose “Null Object.”
  4. The null object will be created at the center of the composition.
  5. With the null object selected, go to the “Effects & Presets” panel.
  6. Search for the “Expression Controls” category and apply the “Point Control” effect to the null object.
  7. With the null object still selected, go to the “Effects & Presets” panel.
  8. Search for the “Scripts” category and apply the “Paths to Nulls” script to the null object.
  9. The script will prompt you to select the path you want to convert to nulls. Click on the desired path.
  10. The script will create individual null objects along the path’s vertices, linked to the original null object.

Now you have null objects positioned along the path, allowing you to control and animate them independently.

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