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Animal Rave by Ben Marriott’s students

November 25, 2020 ·
Ihor Karas
Ihor Karas Rave Producer

Meet the first collaboration project of Ben Marriott’s amazingly talented students. The task was to animate freaky animals raving as hard as they can using frame-by-frame and character animation techniques taught in the Motion Practice course.

There were a few weeks of hard work and fun, feedback sessions from Ben aaand… here it is!
What animal are you on the dancefloor?

Special Thanks to Yana Abramova for drawing such amazing illustrations and Stan Kutcher (LazySleepyDog) for writing a catchy Animal Track.

Just a few breakdowns from the project:

Each separate animal dance is totally worth your attention. So check out the full project on Behance where you’ll find them all together with more breakdowns:

Collaboration projects play a significant role in the Motion Design School’s life. Let us know in the comments if you want to know more about these projects and our approach to organizing them, cause we’re ready to tell you about this much more 😉

Do you want to find your own style and create truly unique works? The best way to achieve this is by combining various techniques and tools!

Motion Practice with Ben Marriott is a practical structured online-course on combining frame-by-frame animation and After Effects. We will be taking a deep-dive into every step of the process, explaining all the decision-making that goes into merging these 2 different methods together. By combining the best elements of both worlds you will bring unique creatures to life focusing on the process and workflow.


Motion Practice with Ben Marriott

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