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Looking for a New Way to Earn? Try “Learn to Earn”

September 21, 2022 · ,

With Learn to Earn, you can get paid to watch videos and complete assignments. This brand new model has improved the way Motion Design School serves its students. 

The concept of a Learn to Earn program is pretty much what the name suggests. You first watch videos, then take assignments, and if you qualify, you will be rewarded with a set amount of crypto. But that’s just the first step…

First, let’s take a look at how regular courses work. They are split into modules. In each module, you’ll watch a short video (or videos) on your chosen course and then do the assignment to test your knowledge. Once you’ve passed it, you’re rewarded with crypto that is automatically transferred to your account. 

Your earnings in crypto may range between $3 to $6 on average for each of these modules – so get straight to learning! Another way to earn is when you refer others to the program using a referral link. Each time someone joins and completes at least one module, you’ll be awarded more crypto! 

Expanding the Ecosystem

Let’s look at this on the example of existing schools focused on hard skills. These can be:

  • Graphic Design 
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • 3D Art
  • UX/UI
  • Motion
  • Architecture
  • Product Design
  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Fine Arts
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Sound/Music

NFT Marketplace

Imagine that your assignments were turned into NFTs and could be minted on the NFT marketplace. You’d be able to offer them for a certain price, make collections, or even hold auctions. At any point in time, you’d be able to withdraw the earned token as real money.

Each assignment has a rate from 1 to 3 points, and as you collect these points, you’ll receive a corresponding reward.


You can also send your assignment to an educational battle where it will compete with similar assignments created by other users. To start a battle, the users bid for participation or join an existing battle. The results are then presented in a tournament table covering all participants, and the winner gets the first prize. The more users participate, the bigger the wins. The awards may amount to up to $10,000 per battle, but with an increase in the user base, there is no limit to the wins fund.


This also blends gamification into the learning process, which attracts even more users. A scoring system is generated that positions users according to overall ranking, and those taking the first places in the monthly ranking are granted extra pleasant rewards.

Moreover, with the growth of your score, new opportunities and rewards achievements for activities on the site are unlocked. All rewards achievements and score promotions are rewarded with tokens that can be withdrawn at any time. 

Upon successful completion of the series of assignments, crypto rewards are given and NFT certificates are issued confirming your skills and being strong support for successful employment in the customer base.


The next layer of the system is the metaverse. All the assets you create can be moved to the metaverse where they obtain a special value and can be used in third-party projects. As we already mentioned, every asset created inside the platform can be sold on the NFT Marketplace. But above all else, NFT can become even more valuable inside the Metaverse as users interact with them at a different level. 

We’re talking about an AR/VR environment in which all the assets you have created can be used and sold to other users or businesses. We are already observing a massive transition of businesses to Metaverse, which opens an unlimited job market enabling the digitalization of existing businesses in Metaverse. 


The final stage will be a DAO community for both users and customers where everyone can get a job. DAO community takes responsibility for the result. Besides, each member of the system adds a certain value to Treasury, and the users decide how to spend the funds within the company.

The Learn to Earn Concept Has Already Been Validated

One of the most vivid examples of Learn to Earn concept is Motion Design School. At the moment, we have over 500,000 alumni.

Social proofs:
YouTube 182k+ subscribers 
Instagram271k+ followers
Facebook64k+ followers

Our students have worked with top companies:

Paramount, Pixar, NVIDIA, Hulu, Adobe, Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Paypal, Toyota, Nissan, The New York Times, EY, Deloitte, and Accenture.

And we have famous teachers from the crypto world who have contributed their niche NFT expertise:
MDS Author Markus Case –  Invisible Friends
MDS Author Deekay Case – Let’s Walk generated using our Deekay Tool 
MDS Student Case (Nguyen) – Clay Boys

The process for starting your Learn to Earn journey is super simple:

  • Open an account in Motion Design School
  • Take a free course and earn tokens (limited)
  • Buy a course and get the tokens (unlimited)
  • Watch videos
  • Complete assignments
  • Participate and win in the battles
  • Win rewards for the activities
  • Mint your assignments as NFTs
  • Wrap them into the Metaverse
  • Spend the Treasury in the DAO
  • Get hired by clients in the workforce system

I am a current/past student – can I benefit from it?

Regardless of the time you’ve completed courses in Motion Design School, you’re eligible to become a member of L2E DAO (coming soon), earn tokens and grow professionally and financially!

If you’re a student or you’re looking and working across, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about the new educational platform. 

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