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Online Education Partnership with L2E DAO

September 26, 2022 · ,

Learn to Earn mechanics are a revolutionary concept where users get rewarded for their results and achievements throughout the educational process. L2E DAO is using these mechanics to completely change the way designers learn. 

L2E DAO is reinventing the incentives around education so designers are always excited to learn more. Users who follow this approach to education in connection to the already flourishing programs at Motion Design School will see just how powerful this shift can be.  

Let’s start with the basics…

L2E Means “Learn to Earn”

The idea behind this should be clear from the start. Simply stated, schools like Motion Design School pay you money as you study there. 

Yep, that sounds totally absurd. 

But fortunately, it is the future that awaits us. And it’s already happening as we transition to Web 3.0. You’ve probably already heard about Web 2.0, the web experience we’ve been living for the last 20 years. Well, Web 3.0 is next.

Let’s quickly compare them by user interaction:

  • Web 1.0 – You can only read
  • Web 2.0 – You can read and create
  • Web 3.0 – You can read, create and possess

The key word here is “possess”, which means you have exclusive ownership of something. This is similar to if you could send a photo by email and then no longer have access to the photo once you’d transferred ownership to the receiver.

We expect that you’ll soon be able to possess a part of the company you’re interacting with. What’s even better is that you can contribute to this company through DAOs and make your vision a key pillar in its development. 

This Vision is Enabled by DAOs

A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is the newest and most democratic way to facilitate collaboration on a large scale.

DAOs use blockchain technology – a key feature of Web 3.0 – and the smart contracts that power blockchains in order to function on a decentralized scale. 

Decentralization is the guiding principle of the crypto world. It implies that all members of the system/team take part in the decision-making process. Government authorities are a centralized apparatus and lack the transparency of DAOs. Just like you can vote on resolutions as a shareholder of a company, DAOs enable this for all levels of organizations. These are mechanisms by which any party can contribute and be rewarded based on the merit of their idea. 

The blockchain world makes it possible for amazing things to happen with ownership. We mentioned earlier how Web 3.0 meant users could “possess” an asset online.  We’re already seeing this happen in stories where people band together and buy basketball teams or musical compositions of famous performers. 

This is the idea of fractional ownership or holding percentage ownership that grants individual shareholders the benefits of usage rights, and income sharing. You can own a digital asset with proof of ownership.

Every decent company will be migrating to Web 3.0 and will be considering the launch of a DAO. In many of them, the transition is already happening…

Applying this to Motion Design School

So we’ve shed some light on it. We’ll now go back to L2E DAO and look at how it can help existing businesses. Let’s analyze how Motion Design School works and functions online.

The school has a student base of 500,000+ who have consumed one or more Motion Design or CG educational courses. This is a keen and engaged audience, but the current model is incomplete and could be better. Right now, students of the school have… 

  • no quality control
  • no idea of the company’s future
  • no possibility of making decisions in the company’s development
  • no possibility of making requests for future educational programs
  • no secured employment
  • no motivation in training
  • no community

Which sounds crazy, but it’s the reality for every online platform! How is it possible that it’s 2022, and it’s still a pain to…

  • decide what to learn
  • stay motivated to learn the entire time
  • get a job (work for somebody? start a business?)
  • apply your knowledge in real-case scenarios

How do we learn today? We:

  • spend a lot of time and money on mastering inappropriate skills
  • accumulate obsolete knowledge 
  • learn from unreliable sources
  • strive for getting a certificate not the skills

The Web 3.0 Promise

This is where the Web 3.0, Learn to Earn promise comes in. In a perfect world we:

  • learn, practice, apply new skills quickly, and earn
  • evaluate our knowledge effectiveness to boost our career
  • make use of unlimited possibilities as the new job markets emerge
  • enjoy competitive equal job opportunities in Web 3.0
  • try and validate new experiences in the Metaverse

Let’s see how L2E DAO can help when implemented in a company. First, as we said, users earn money by taking the courses. But what exactly do they earn? It’s time to introduce a new variable: the $eMotion Coin.

The Mechanics of the DAO

Each user will be able to convert $eMotion into real money or accumulate it to make decisions in the company’s development. For this purpose, a dedicated voting system has been developed: after reaching a certain entry threshold, you’ll get access to decision-making at the corresponding levels depending on the number of tokens on your balance.

This way, the holders get an opportunity to present their initiatives while the others vote for them. That said, the DAO has a Treasury Balance that users can manage and spend on activities that were voted for earlier. 10% of all activities are deposited to the Treasury which is then disposed of by students.

This is the way a direct relationship between each user and the company develops a relationship that makes every user one of the company’s owners.

Technological advancements are making it possible for you to get rewarded for doing “homework” along the way. Almost every project can be a portfolio piece and get you a skill rating you can use to apply for jobs. 

Employers and learners will post jobs and apply for jobs using blockchain-based smart contracts. The decentralized job market (coming soon) will be available for all members of the School. The trick is that in the decentralized job market, learners and employers will be able to exchange tokens – either for tokens or for real money.

The L2E DAO NFT Marketplace

The next piece of the puzzle is the NFT Marketplace. Each asset you create in the process of learning can be converted to NFT. Everything you create has its value. 

In this system, you obtain NFT certificates after evaluating proof of skills. This is actually the advanced level in the system of education. The users receive real confirmation approved by other users thus opening the potential of a trusted personnel market in our workforce system.

Adding a Metaverse Angle

The metaverse is the last puzzle piece of this system. Everything you create may be represented in the virtual world. With the metaverse market projected to reach $15 trillion by 2030, hundreds of companies are digitalizing their products at this stage already. The most illustrative recent example is Facebook which even changed the company name to “Meta”. 

Today, each of us has far more opportunities than ever before. We can monetize our knowledge and experience in the new digital economy, and do it in a way that makes it easy to capture the value we create. Whether you are a student, a job hunter, or an expert in your field, you surely have something to offer the world – combined with unlimited possibilities in the metaverse.


With L2E DAO, you can: watch video lectures, master new skills by doing homework, participate in battles, exhibit your masterpieces at the NFT Marketplace, become a creator of a new Metaverse, and… earn tokens along the way! 

The L2E DAO will Provide:

Learn to Earn mechanics are a revolutionary concept where users get rewarded for their results and achievements throughout the educational process. 

$eMotion token protocol that revolutionizes the process of education by incentivizing learners with the tokens as an award for the gained knowledge. $eMotion incorporates gamification into the educational process. You can compete for bonuses, rewards, and worldwide learner scores. Get additional rewards, or simply get paid.

NFT Marketplace where users can create and sell their NFTs. This is very closely related to our community, so we want to embrace our community and give new privileges to our members allowing them to create and mint NFTs for free. 

NFT Certificates to represent the proof of skills concept.

Metaverse Environment where creatives will be able to design new avatars or new clothes. The key is that designing the metaverse comes into the picture only with 3D artists that will constantly be collecting up-to-date knowledge from Motion Design School.

Finally, you may be wondering…

I am a current/past student – can I benefit from it?

Regardless of when you completed courses in Motion Design School, you’re eligible to become a member of L2E DAO, earn tokens, and grow professionally and financially!

If you’re a student or you’re interested in learning more about this new model, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about the new educational platform.

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