After Effects Scripts

We’ve created a range of After Effects scripts to improve our performance and help you animate faster. Our Motion Beast students receive all these scripts for free.
We have officially partnered with to provide our students with seamless access to our scripts upon enrollment in our courses.

Motion Tools

Our exclusive After Effects Script contains only the most necessary functions which will definitely boost your workflow! Available only to the students of our school upon enrollment in Fundamentals or Motion Beast courses.

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Super Lines

Super lines let you easily create and experiment with different lines animations. Use it for transitions, lettering, speed lines for moving objects and much more. Super Lines will add fun and flavor to any animation. With two different styles: cartoon and abstract, extra types (invert, both, regular) and unlimited variations it will explode your animation with details. Everything is created with shape layers and includes shape modifiers support 💪.

Purchase Super Lines ($35)

Super Liquids

Super Liquids helps you create a frame by frame style liquids trail animation. Create custom liquids with ease, just draw the elements and apply them to the object. Make smooth animations easily and quickly. Use it for any kind of projects. You can apply it to both static and moving objects. Horizontal and vertical movement is supported. Add custom liquids of your own. Everything is created with shape layers and includes shape modifiers support.

Purchase Super Liquids ($35)

Swiss Knife

Swiss Knife is a group of 20 tools that can be combined in thousands of variations. Play with 4 groups including parallaxer, interactor, placeholder, and support. Use it for any kind of projects, character animation, video editing, templates, UI/UX animation and much much more. It's literally is a Swiss Knife of motion design.

Purchase Swiss Knife ($60)