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Use Our In-Depth Guides to Speed Up the Learning Process

Motion Design School has created some comprehensive guides that lay out everything you need to succeed in different areas of motion design. We want you to understand how online education works and what you need to know to become an expert who commands high fees and can do high-value work in the space.

On behalf of the leaders and developers at Motion Design School (MDS), we’d like to invite you to come and learn with us! We’re on a mission to make you a better designer while improving your career prospects. With our tutorials, we provide simple step-by-step explanations so you can create amazing visual effects, motion graphics, and more in no time.

We help you learn all the latest skills, tools, and workflows so you can become the ultimate motion designer. Together we’ll get you from motion design beginner to expert!

Learn the best practices of motion design from leading experts inside of the field.

Step-by-step explanations will help you start working. We have painstakingly researched and written them, putting lots of niche knowledge inside that you won’t find anywhere else. These blog posts will help motion designers become experts by learning all the important skills and trends in the space. Read these posts to accelerate your motion design career and make more money!

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