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Tips & Tricks From James Curran – Looping Particles with no plugins

April 26, 2021 ·
James Curran
James Curran Animation Director

In this quick After Effects tutorial, James Curran (@slimjimstudios) shows how to create a good looking cartoony smoke really fast without using any third-party plugins and also how to loop particles animation. This technique is described in one of the lessons of his Animated Loops course, which is packed with tons of such advanced tips.

What is the Animated Loops with James Curran course?

James will use his 15+ years of experience as a professional animator to teach you everything he knows about making animated loops, which he’s made A LOT of. Whether you want your characters to be running, jumping, or spinning in 2D, 3D, or isometric scenes, this course covers it all.

From fundamental loop theory through to inspiration on how to generate your own loop ideas, you’ll come out of this course fully prepared to start taking on the world with your own never-ending animations.


Animated Loops
with James Curran

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