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Homework Battle Guide

January 30, 2023 ·

1. Creating a Homework Battle


To be able to create a Homework Battle you need to:

  1. have at least 1 Homework approved
  2. have at least 2 Energy available
  3. have at least 100 tokens

Homework battle workflow:

  1. Go to your Profile and scroll down to the Portfolio section
  2. Click on the Homework which you would like to have Battle created from
  3. On the Homework’s details page, click the “Send to Battle” button

4. On the next screen you will need to indicate the amount of tokens (“Set your bet” field) that you’d like to stake for the Battle

a) Minimum stake is 100 tokens. 
b) Max stake is not limited.

5. Now click “Create Battle”.

6. The system will process the Token transaction and notify you (email and internal notification) when the Battle is created.
7. When done, the Battle will become available to all students and will also be displayed in My Battles tab with the Awaiting Participants status.

8. To view your Battles open your Profile pop-up and click Battles

9. Then click My Battles tab

10. The battle will last and will accept participants for 7 days.

11. As soon as the 1st participant joins, the Battle starts and the Battle status changes to “In Progress”

12. If nobody joins the Battle within 7 days, the battle is canceled automatically and receives a “Canceled” status.

13. The system will notify you if this happens and the Energy and Tokens will be refunded.

14. Please note that you can’t create two Homework Battles from the same Portfolio Artwork simultaneously. You can create the second Homework Battle only when the 1st one is finished.

2. Joining a Homework Battle


To be eligible for joining a Homework Battle you need to:

  1. have at least 1 Energy
  2. have amount of tokens equal or greater than the Battle’s stake

Joining a Homework Battle workflow:

  1. To join a Homework Battle go to the Battles Catalog page by clicking the Battles link in your Profile pop-up

2. Navigate to the “Emotion Battles” tab

3. Click the “Battle Details” button on the Battle card

4. Now you will be taken to the Battle details page.

4.1 Battle details:

*Invite and Share functions are temporarily unavailable

4.2 Battle Artwork preview

4.3 Battle description

4.4 Battle specification and Artwork requirements

5. Read through the Battle description and if you’re ready to join the Battle, click “Join Battle”.

6. System will process your Token transaction and when done will notify you via email and internal notification.

7. As soon as the Tokens have been deducted from your account, you will be able to join the Battle.

8. Now download the Balenceguys plugin for AE from the Battle details page (if you already have it then skip this step)

9. Copy the Character ID and generate the Character in the AE.

10. Now perform the task and upload your result to the form at the bottom of the Battle Details page

11. Click the “Confirm and Join Battle” button.

12. Your application is finished.

3. Reviewing a Homework Battle 


  1. Any registered user can perform Homework Battle reviews.
  2. Battle authors cannot review their own Battles.

Homework Battle review workflow:

  1. Go to the Reviews page

2. Navigate to the “Battle Reviews” tab and click the “Accept for review” button on the Battle of your choosing.

3. You are now taken to the Homework Battle Review page.

a) On the Homework Battle Review page you will see two opponents’ Artworks.

b) Click on the one you like better and choose the qualities that apply to the chosen art-work

  1. Guideline
  2. Appeal
  3. Creativity

c) Also provide a comment explaining your decision

d) Click the “Confirm Review” button

e) Review is accepted

4. Battle Results

  1. As soon as the Battle is finished and the winner is determined, you will receive an email and an internal notification. These notifications will take you to the Battle Results page.
  2. On the Battle Results page the winner will be shown at the top with the “Claim reward” button (visible only to the winner).
  3. If you haven’t won the Battle your results will be shown at the bottom, indicating the score you received. 
  4. Finished battles also appear on the Battles Catalog with “Ended” status. To view such Battles go to Emotion Battles tab and filter by “Finished”

5. Battle Rewards

Battle reward consists of the tokens which have been staked by all Battle participants. The current Battle reward is shown on the Battle details page as “Aggregated reward”.

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