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Motion Beast 2 Course
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After Effects Course Overview

Our meticulously curated training program encompasses all aspects of motion design, equipping you with the skills to approach unconventional tasks creatively.

One common challenge every motion designer faces is the quest for knowledge and tools to tackle specific assignments. When it comes to honing your practical skills, many struggle. There’s more to executing real-world projects than simply possessing techniques and expertise. That’s precisely why you require personalized guidance from a seasoned professional. Our comprehensive training covers digital animation, frame-by-frame techniques, and 3D production pipelines.

By combining exclusive knowledge, cultivating creative thinking, and providing personal feedback, we aim to revolutionize your approach to animation, leaving an indelible impact on your artistic journey.


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Required Software

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, Cinema 4D,Blender



Musthave Extensions

Throughout the course, you’ll be granted access to our cutting-edge suite of exclusive tools: Deekay Tool, Crazy Shapes, and Motion Tools Pro. We’ve gone back to the drawing board, completely reimagining how these tools should function.

Motion Creativity

Discover the art of tackling creative tasks at any level. Unleash the power of merging your knowledge, techniques, and ideas, and learn the invaluable skill of translating your thoughts into the language of motion design.

Personal Feedback

When it comes to executing real-world tasks, there’s a vital element that goes beyond mere skills and techniques. That’s precisely why personalized assistance from a seasoned motion designer becomes indispensable.

Practical Approach

Engaging in diverse tasks and continuous practice is the key to elevating your skills to new heights. Embrace the opportunity for unforgettable practice that will propel your professional learning curve forward.

Learn to Earn

Right from the get-go, the core concept behind this is crystal clear. It’s a unique approach where your dedication and hard work are recognized and financially acknowledged every step of the way.

WEB3 Certificates

In this groundbreaking system, you can acquire WEB3 certificates by providing verifiable proof of your skills. These certificates represent an advanced level of achievement within the education system.


What will you learn?


Balance Lesson

It all begins with finding the right balance, and this training course is a prime example of mastering the art of working with keyframes and layers. Together, we’ll strive to attain that elusive, perfect sense of offsets—the harmonious synchronization that brings your animations to life. 


Feel the physics

When it comes to animation, real-life physics plays a pivotal role. Understanding and incorporating the principles of physics is essential for achieving a perfect balance between realism and artistic expression. In this course, you will delve into the intricacies of blending these two aspects seamlessly. 


Craft walking

Walk cycles are undoubtedly a cornerstone task in the world of animation, widely recognized and cherished. In this course, we go beyond conventional approaches and introduce you to non-standard techniques that will propel your animations to new heights. Prepare to explore innovative ways of rigging using the remarkable Crazy Shapes and the Deekay Tool.


Fake 3D cocktail

In this captivating lesson, you will discover the secrets to infusing your illustrations with a mesmerizing 3D sensation. Learn the art of creating faux 3D effects and master the skill of incorporating simulated reflections to add depth and dimension to your objects. Dive into the world of custom limbs for straws, and harness the power of Crazy Shapes to rig your character with precision and finesse. 


Stylisation and Compositing

In this lesson, we delve into the art of crafting secondary actions to breathe life into your animations. Finally, we’ll delve into the realm of stylization, unlocking the power to infuse your animations with a unique and captivating aesthetic.


Handy Hands

In this pivotal lesson, we will merge various rigging systems into a single, cohesive animation. Building upon the knowledge gained from previous lessons, we will consolidate our understanding and put it into action. This hands-on experience allows us to harness the full potential of our learnings, seamlessly integrating different rigging techniques to create captivating animations.


Mechanical Approach

When it comes to animating robots, it may initially seem like a simpler task compared to animating real creatures. However, in this enlightening lesson, we’ll uncover the intricacies of infusing any character, even robotic ones, with a distinct personality. Prepare to expand your skillset and unleash your creativity as we delve into the art of character expression.


Motion Creativity

Animating a spider is an exhilarating endeavor, particularly when it comes to the unique challenge of its multiple legs. However, there’s more to it than just the technical aspect. In this lesson, we will delve into the art of storytelling and recognize its indispensable role in every animation. Together, we will think outside the box, employing innovative approaches to overcome this task and breathe life into our spider animation.


Fake Frame-by-Frame

In this transformative lesson, we will unlock the secrets to achieving a mesmerizing frame-by-frame look within After Effects, even without possessing traditional animation skills. We affectionately refer to this technique as “fake frame-by-frame.


Traditional Approach

In this invaluable lesson, we will embark on a journey into the realm of frame-by-frame animation using Adobe Animate. By delving into this traditional animation workflow, we will gain a profound understanding of the techniques and principles that underpin this timeless art form. Throughout the lesson, we will explore the intricate process of crafting each frame by hand, honing our skills in the art of creating fluid and expressive animations.


Cinema 4D Production

If you’ve been longing to delve into the captivating realm of 3D modeling but hesitated to make the leap from 2D shape animations, this lesson is precisely what you need. It’s time to conquer your fear of venturing into the three-dimensional realm and embrace this exciting world wholeheartedly. Prepare for an immersive experience that will not only dissolve your reservations but also ignite a lasting passion for 3D.


3D Modeling Blender

In this concise yet comprehensive lesson, we will swiftly acquaint ourselves with the essential tools required for the task at hand. Our primary focus will be on establishing a solid foundation for the character by utilizing standard primitives. Emphasizing the importance of shape and silhouette, we will dedicate our efforts to refining the overall visual appeal of our creation.


Rigging and Animation Blender

In order to animate our character, it is essential to construct a skeleton that will serve as the framework to which we will attach the character model. This pivotal step sets the stage for breathing life into our creation. Once our rig is in place, we will unlock the full potential of our character, enabling us to embark on the exhilarating journey of animation.


Looking Development Blender

In this enlightening lesson, we will delve into the art of setting up lighting and fine-tuning materials in order to bring our 3D creations to life. By understanding and harnessing the principles of physical properties, we will achieve a heightened sense of realism and visual appeal in our renders.


Coming Soon

At Motion Design School, we prioritize delivering the best learning experience to our students. We understand that continuous improvement is key to achieving this goal. That’s why we are committed to incorporating your valuable feedback into the course content and structure.

Learn Skills

Enroll in our course and kickstart your journey towards earning $eMotion tokens. Have your assignments meticulously evaluated, emerge victorious in educational battles, and be rewarded with $eMotions.

Complete Assignments

Enroll in our course and begin constructing your portfolio by completing assignments that offer a wealth of advantages and unlock numerous financial opportunities.

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Submit your course assignments to engage in thrilling educational battles, where you can earn extra $eMotion tokens and accumulate valuable points.

Get a Job

Enhance your portfolio by including top-rated assignments and leverage them to apply for jobs within our decentralized job market, accessible to all school members. Tap into this unique opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise, opening doors to exciting career prospects.

About the Course Author

About the Course Author

Hello there, I’m Iaroslav Kononov, the proud founder of Motion Design School. With over 15 years of experience as a 2D/3D animation artist and a broad skill set encompassing software like Adobe Animate, After Effects, Blender, Cinema4D, and more, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

My journey in animation and motion design has granted me a unique perspective, and I relish the opportunity to explore diverse animation techniques through experimentation. You may also know me as the creator of the highly acclaimed Motion Beast course and the AE script Motion Tools, both of which have been highly regarded in the field. Rest assured, I’m dedicated to imparting all the knowledge you need to become a proficient and contemporary motion designer.

Personal assistance

I am thrilled to announce the launch of MDS’s first-ever personalized training program, where we will provide continuous support. This program will explore 2D animation in After Effects, frame-by-frame animation in Animate, Cinema 4D, and 3D animation in Blender.

The lectures will be regularly updated to ensure you receive the latest and most relevant knowledge. It’s important to note that available slots are limited, and fortunate students will have the opportunity to test our new platform, which introduces the innovative concept of Learn2Earn.

Let Me In


Throughout the course, you will be assigned a randomly generated character as your task for each lesson. Once you’ve completed your homework, simply upload it for review. Upon approval, your homework will automatically be added to your portfolio, showcasing your progress and achievements.

Furthermore, your completed assignments will be featured alongside those of your fellow students in a captivating collection, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared creativity. 😎

Let’s Do It 🤘

Learn To Earn Mechanics

The Learn to Earn mechanics introduces a revolutionary concept where users are rewarded for their progress and accomplishments throughout the educational journey.

With the $eMotion token protocol, we’ve transformed the education process by providing learners with tokens as a tangible reward for their acquired knowledge. This gamification element adds an exciting dimension to your learning experience. You’ll have the opportunity to compete for bonuses, rewards, and global learner rankings, further enhancing your motivation and engagement.

Let’s Learn and Earn 🤩
+ Bonus Three Tool

Pick Your Free Exclusive Extensions

Gain exclusive 3-month free access to the indispensable After Effects tools and elevate your animations to new heights. 😎 Introducing Motion Tools Pro. We’ve completely reimagined its functionality, allowing for greater customization, an array of fresh tools, and expanded possibilities. Brace yourself for the game-changing Crazy Shapes Extension, which will revolutionize your rigging and animation process. This innovative approach to shape animation employs custom shape modifiers not found in the native After Effects repertoire. Deekay Tool will prepare to witness a groundbreaking shift in your workflow, forever altering the way you approach rigging and animation.

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Hang with your gang

Become part of a vibrant community comprising individuals just like you—motion designers and aspiring creatives. Join us to ask questions, receive valuable assistance, and engage in thought-provoking discussions on the latest trends and topics shaping our industry. Embrace the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion and drive for creativity.


WEB3 Certificates and Achievements

In this cutting-edge system, you acquire WEB3 certificates by providing evidence of your skills, ushering in a new era of education. These certificates represent a tangible validation of your expertise, as they are evaluated and endorsed by fellow users within the community.
This marks a significant advancement in education, granting users authentic confirmation and recognition from their peers.
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Once you’ve submitted your assignment and it’s been approved, you can enter it into a competition. We refer to these as Educational Battles. During these battles, your assignment will go head-to-head with similar assignments created by other users. Simultaneously, you’ll gain valuable practice and enhance your portfolio.
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Motion Beast 2 Course

An absolute must for every aspiring Motion Designer, this course is an essential cornerstone that encompasses all facets of contemporary motion design. From the fundamental principles of After Effects to the intricacies of character rigging, the exploration of 3D techniques in Cinema 4D and Blender, and the captivating world of frame-by-frame animation, this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the dynamic field of motion design.


A course that is suitable for all levels

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Product guarantee
100% money back guarantee

If unhappy with the course, you can request a refund within 14 days after the purchase and get every cent back. Courses purchased before the actual starting date refund can be requested up to 14 days after the first lesson becomes available. Note: not applicable if purchased with a discount coupon

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