Fundamentals on Toon Boom

A free introductory online course to the Toon Boom Harmony hand-drawn animation software

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The course will help you get familiar with the Toon Boom Harmony animation software. One of the most powerful software ever created for animation production.

Course curriculum

Lesson 1

This lesson was created for those who have never opened Toon Boom Harmony before but want to learn it inreally fast. We will have a quick overview of the interface and the main frame-by-frame animation tools. So, after completing this lesson you will have a clear understanding of how this software works and will be able to create your unique animations.

Lesson 2

In this lesson, we will consider the animation of liquid trails. We will show you the creation stages of this animation, then we will talk a bit about special effects design and the approach to use when animating liquids. After this, we will create the animation of liquid trails starting from a draft animation and finishing with a сlean-up and coloring.

Who will be teaching?

Jambo Animation is a world-known animation studio. Working since 2008, they have created a large number of projects together with freelance artists, studios, agencies, and the companies around the world.


My name is Danila, and animation has always been my hobby since childhood.

I started making my first cartoons when I was 12 years old. The first money from the animation came when I was 14 years. Now I am 29, and I have been working for myself for more than 10 years. I started my way with Macromedia Flash MX, then switched to After Effects, became a freelancer, but after a few years of creating commercials, I realized that I was not interested in it anymore. I realized that I wanted to do hand-drawn animation and I wanted to draw with my hand on a graphic tablet, and not with a mouse.

So I switched to Toon Boom. I decided to forget about cut-out animation, and go deep into frame-by-frame only. My wife and I created an animation studio called Jambo, and began to get acquainted with like-minded people who, like us, were burning with this idea. We wanted to grow professionally and to do great things, make beautiful, unusual animation, and not just commercials.

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Here is just a short list of Jambo Animation’s happy clients

Is it free?

It’s absolutely 100% free. Just deal with it.

Fundamentals on Toon Boom

Fundamentals on Toon Boom

Enroll now for free

2 lessons are enough to make you comfortable with Toon Boom Harmony and help you start your personal animation journey.

  • Full introduction to Toon Boom Harmony frame-by-frame animation tools
  • Create your first amazing animation with Toon Boom Harmony
  • 1.5 hours of video material + free support