About Us

What started as an offline school back in 2016 in Ukraine, has now turned into one of the biggest online animation and motion design schools in the whole world. With more than 120000+ students from 186 countries, we have become a truly worldwide community of people passionate about motion design and animation.

Meet the team

Yaroslav Kononov


Ihor Karas

School Head

Vladimir Liubarskiy

School Head

Maksym Kravchenko

Lead Motion Designer

Sergey Sprenne

Motion Designer

Maksym Marakhovskyi

Motion Designer

Denys Bondarcov

Motion Designer

Denys Bousygin

Frame-by-frame Animator

Yana Abramova


Anna Beskrovnaya

Content Editor

Stanislav Kucherenko

Sound Designer

Daria Zaliatskaya


Gleb Danilenko

Frontend Developer

Mihail Uglev

AE Scripts Developer

Oleh Krysov

Growth Team Lead

Volha Mikhnovich

Head of Localization

Anastasiia Kuzema

Localization Team Coordinator

Denys Siurin

Lead Support Manager

Vika Bocharova

Support Manager