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UI Animation Essentials:
5. Scripts for Workflow

Note, since this lesson is a part of the course you might find it not that easy to follow, so treat it more as an example of what our lessons looks like.
In this lesson, we'll have a close look at two scripts we've created to simplify your work and add extra functionality to it - Motion Tools & Swiss Knife
Download the source file to practice
  • The skills of an interface animator to help you get into the industry as fast as possible.
  • New and fresh approaches to already known programs.
  • Experience of working with stylish designs.
  • Updated and accelerated workflow.
  • Understanding of how to work with our exclusive plugins to speed up your working process and automate interface animation tasks.

UI Animation Essentials

A structured online course on interface animation in After Effects and Principle. You will learn how to animate almost any interface, from desktop to smartwatch.

Intermediate ?

Intermediate: You already have some experience working with the software and understand its basic principles. You are familiar with the interface.

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