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Motion Pro by Motion Bro

What is this webinar about?

You will get two hours of character animation practice from an expert and will be able to watch the working process: rigging + animation + export.

And, of course, we’ve got bonuses for you: each webinar participant will get our exclusive script for After Effects – Motion Tools FOR FREE, and a 50% discount courses in motion category. And other than that! Giveaway of the “Motion Pro” course to three webinar participants.

Webinar date: June 20, 2021 (Sunday)

12:00 LA / 15:00 NY / 20:00 London.









Required Software

After Effects



+ Bonus

Get Our Script for Free

Get our bestseller script for free together with the webinar.
We’ve included it to ensure you will get the best
experience without buying additional products!

Motion Pro by Motion Bro

Demonstration of the working process: rigging + animation + tips & tricks

Creating characters before your eyes

Presentation of the new course “Motion Pro”

Motion Tools our exclusive After Effects Script

50% off on all the courses in the motion category for 7 days after the webinar

Giveaway of the new Motion Pro course to three attendees who signed up for the webinar

Motion Pro by Motion Bro

Free Webinar “Motion Pro by Motion Bro” from the founder of Motion Design School Iaroslav Kononov!
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