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For over three years, the top artists from all over the world have been sharing their knowledge with you. Today, you can select from more than 20 courses and masterclasses to upgrade your skills.

We know that you want more and we have plenty of things to share with you. Welcome Motion Design School Blog!

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Interviews with our teachers and beyond

We have talked with the authors of our courses to find out what motivates them and how they have become the world-known artists. Meet Marcus Magnusson, the genius behind Science of Character Animation, as our first guest.

Tips and tricks

Each great artist and designer has their own technical secrets which serve a special sauce in their success. And we are going to share them with you.

Special life hacks

You can have technical skills but they might not be enough to advance in your career. Find out how you can take the most advantage out of your learning process.

Hope you will enjoy it! We will try to please you with new articles as often as possible!
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We have created an awesome place for you to share cool stuff, find great artists for collaborations and get answers to the burning questions about motion design. There's much more waiting for you in the group.

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